Online Browser Image Editor Similar to Photoshop

Editing images are a basic necessity that most of us have. There  is a vast field of usage scenarios including office, family, personal and blog related works. Though windows has paint which is the only default image editing application, it is merely of any use. To compensate this problem we use third party image editors. Some of these are Gimp,, FotoGrafixPhotoScap and Photoshop.

Well, there may be times when the applications are not installed on your PC, but you need them instantly. The best alternative is to use an online image editor. For sure, an Online image editor will not be as good as a standalone desktop application, but you can perform all basic trims and tweaks on images.

The above picture is a snapshot of the working of SumoPaint image editor. Believe it or not, it’s my FireFox browser window which now resembles the interface of popular Photoshop image editor.

The features of this web service offer a very pleasant environment to apply all sorts of effects, filters and adjustments in your photos. All the options in this service are similar to desktop applications and also very user-friendly.

Unlike other online image editors like LunaPic and all, this editor has numerous editing functions like Blur tool, Gradient fill, Eye dropper and much more! The final image can be saved on online account or on local computer. SumoPaint is a free image editor online. There is also a pro account which gives a lot of benefits. Go for the pro account only when you are sure of using the service for long term. For small edits, free version is sufficient. If you like Sumopaint, you may also try Pixlr an online image editor with great potential.

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ameo - July 1, 2008

looks nice , btu how about browser combatibility ?
does it work with only FF and IE ?

i’m sure it’d be great and free , but i don’t think that low speed users will use it much ,

Rohit - July 1, 2008

Hi ameo,
I have checked it with FF-3 , IE-7 and Opera 9.50. Majority of people uses one of it so it’s compatible.

I agree, it may not be a too useful for low speed users.

Luke Zet - July 1, 2008

It seems to be a useful one! Thank You

Kimmo - September 18, 2008

I just noticed that SUMO Paint is recently updated to version beta 0.31.

Looks great and works like it should be…

image editors similar to Photoshop - February 16, 2009

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found at (search engine for finding alternatives)


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