Open Links on Webpage Using Keyboard on Chrome browser Without Mouse

Instead of moving mouse cursor all over the screen, accessing something could be faster with Keyboard. Yes, many common operations have a defined hotkeys for that but to open links in a webpage, you still need mouse clicks. TAB button is there but it will take ages to select a link in footer.

To solve this problem, Dead Mouse is an awesome extension for Chrome browser which makes opening of links on webpage comfortable with keyboard.

Open Links on Webpage With Keyboard without Mouse click
What you have to do is type the few letters of the word of a link in page.

That link will start animating giving you an indication of selected link.

Press enter to open the selected link (Shift+Enter in case you want it to be opened in new tab). That’s it.

If you want to try the demo without installing the extension then head over to Deadmouse Demo.

DeadMouse does not include any panel settings and does not provide any buttons by which you can stop using it or restart. It will be always be running automatically in background provided you decide to disable it.

  • Unless DeadMouse is looking for a link, hitting Space on a page will do the right thing and move the page down.
  • You can also hit Backspace to reset a search, in addition to Escape.
  • When there are no more matches, the search is automatically reset so you can start a new one

I really like to appreciate the idea of the Chetan Surpur who is developer of this plugin, innovative move indeed.

This is currently available on Google Chrome browser only but similar thing is possible with Opera too. Get speeding while you browse by learning how to use Opera without Mouse.

I am still waiting for something similar to come on my personal favorite browser, Mozilla Firefox.

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