Opera turbo to speed up browsing and save bandwidth

Opera Turbo speedometer

Opera Turbo speedometer

Opera Turbo speedometerWe always give a try to different browsers and first concern in all of them is speed but our internet connection speed matters too. If you have a great speed using broadband then any program will do but for slow speed connection or limited usage speed or say via Mobile or Wi-Fi, Opera has a new technology to enhance the browsing experience in connection with limited bandwidth (Mobile Internet).

Turbo technology allows us to optimize the size of pages downloaded by the browser so it improves the browsing experience in connection with limited bandwidth (when using mobile Internet connections). In this sense is quite similar to the technology behind the Opera Mini browser (because the compression is performed remotely on servers in company), but led the desktop browser without altering the design of web pages, although it is true some evidence that by activating the Turbo technology, the images show a much lower resolution than of what quality they really are.

The good news is that you can activate and deactivate this feature at our whim, clicking on a small speedometer in the bottom left corner of the browser window, which also shows the real time statistics when enabled.  Turbo is a good step and is designed for when you have low bandwidth.

Download Opera 10 turbo

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