Organize Files and Folders by Indexing & Renaming them quickly

We have many files in our hard disks. To make it easier to find these files later we organize these files into folders to separate themĀ  category wise.

We can categorize files and folders in a wider category but indexing and arranging each files manually is a tedious job that no one wants to do. Indexo is a free application to perform this task easily.

Indexo is a easy to use portable application for windows. It provides all essential functionality on single window. To make this application work you have to a source folder within which you have to organize things. To work on files and folders separately, you can select type.

Features Of Indexo

  • Change files name to an indexed name
  • Add index to files name
  • Copy files to another destination then apply the index form
  • Set the beginning of the index names
  • Create an index format
  • Save a project then load it any time
  • Save files list

Before applying these changes you can preview them within the application. After you have performed the desired operation, you can view changes by going to the source folder.

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