Google PageRank – its importance and know how

A champ blogger is has to be concerned about Google Page Rank (PR) of his blog or web site. Although the PR for every page is different but Home pages PR matters the most and that of PR of other pages of the same blog adds a feather in one’s cap.

I am always worried about my Page Rank as the PR act as status & prestige of your own identity on Web.pagerank pr

My basic Funda to increase PR will be just increase your back links! I already discussed about how much PR shall you get if you have respective back links from number of other web pages, you can refer pagerank backlink calcualtions. Though PR has nothing to with indexing in search Engine but I surely can say more your PR top position you will get in search Engine. So, to improve your PR try to get more back links from the sites that already have good PR along with unique content.

Talking about recent PR updates I noticed in last week of December 2008 & first week of April 2009 my PR was updated. Now this is really time for the PR update that one can expect. I am curious about this PR update , also I noticed that Google back links has been updated you can also examine your Google back links by searching .

pagerank inside

For the one who have established their blog recently I can say they may predict their PR by firefox PR checker tool. Just goto your home page and hold your mouse pointer on. If you see Google PR is 0/10 then you may say that you are more prone to get PR other wise bad luck my friends! If you come to know about any PR update recently do not hesitate to comment here.

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Sushant - December 18, 2009

Lets see how what I get in next page rank update


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