Panoramic Image Viewer: View 360 degree Panorama Shots in Virtual Reality

Panoramic Images are special images covering a wide angle of 360° which cannot be viewed by human eye. Capturing Panorama shot requires device and special software which are available in recent Mobile Phones and Digicams.

FishEye Lenses are required to capture Panoramic shots and thus the name derived “Fish Eye Explorer” which is a panoramic image viewer software for Windows.

When we try to view Panorama single shot image, image do appear but they are plain and not all details are clear. Fish Eye Explorer gives you an ease of viewing images in 4 views and creates virtual reality environment. If your idea is still not clear, view the sample here.

Panoramic Image viewer Software

Fisheye Explorer offers full (PAN-TILT-ZOOM) control,  High Quality, High-Performance Output, Multi-Viewing Mode, Multi Sub-Windows output.

Also it provides many Out Mode, including: 360 Degree Cylinder Mode, 360 Degree Perspective Mode, 180 Degree Azimuthal to Cylindrical transfer mode, 180 Degree Azimuthal to Local Perspective Transfer mode.

Download FishEye Viewer

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Anish K.S - February 25, 2011

Thanks Rohit, will check this.


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