4: Parts of a Blog – Beginner’s Blogging Guide

We have already created blog on Blogger and this is the time to know various common parts of Blogger or Blogspot blog. You will find that most blogs contain several of the same features and functions. External appearance may vary slightly with change of template but back end remains same.

External Appearance of Blog

Our blog has two main pages:

Homepage: Is the page you see when you access it. Shown in reverse chronological order published last posts that is, that you have posted in the last appears first, then followed the before you published it, and so on first. You can indicate in the configuration of many blog entries are going to see on the Homepage.


The post or individual entry: Each entry you post has its own individual page. It shows only content accompanied by the comments that readers have left.

single post

Header: The place where the name of our blog. Under the name appears a brief description of our blog (if we added in the configuration).

SideBar Gadgets: This is an area where we can add various accessories to our blog via gadgets (called widgets on other systems). Depending on the template, we can expect more of a sidebar or other areas where they can be placed depending on template.

Content:On the Homepage, they appear one after another and on Single Entry page, only one article per page.

Footer: Depending on the template, in this area you can also put gadgets. In Blogger templates, this area is usually occupied by credits from the creators of the template or adapters.

Unlike systems such as WordPress, Blogger does not allow creation of pages outside the input stream, so to speak. For example, if you have a page containing information about you, need to publish it as a post and then link to it from the header bar (or any other site).

Internal Appearance

I manage the blog from the Blogger Dashboard. When we sign in to Blogger, we’ll see something like this:


Any options will allow us access to the administration of the blog, except that entering through different sections. There are four main sections:

Creating entries: From here you can handle everything related to the entries. You can write new posts, edit existing and moderate comments.

Edit Posts

Settings: This defines basic and advanced settings of your blog. Go deeply into this section in subsequent entries. However, you can explore it very useful to discover how to get the most out the system.

Bloggger Settings

Layout: Is all that concerns the appearance of your blog. From here you can add gadgets on the sidebar and configure some of the fixtures of the workspace, as the header.


Monetize: Integrating AdSense ads on your blog. Despite it seems simple but Its not easy to get approval of Adsense on any newly created blog so, I will not go into deep here. If you want, you can choose to monetize your blog later.

Adsense Monetize Blog

Remember that the best learning system is practice and exploration (I did the same) yourself. In the next post, we will talk in detail about the publishing posts or entries on Blogger.

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Ching Ya - December 9, 2009

Rohit, nice explanation of how Blogger platform works. I remember how I enjoyed exploring through the features and gadgets. Blogger is indeed, one handy tool for starters. Eventhough I’m now with WordPress I’m still thankful for the experience I had with Blogger.

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