Paste Clipboard Image or Text as a Standalone File Anywhere in Windows

In a day we perform a lot of copy paste operation. What ever we copy say images or text are temporarily stored in Windows Clipboard. Now the problem arises when we save the copied content. We have to create a file first to paste the content.

Say you have copied a text from web browser or any document. To paste that text you need to create a new text or document file. Similarly with images you will need to paste it first to a image processing application like Paint, Photoshop etc. Then create a new image file. So this process is a bit time taking in overall and may seem difficult when you are in a hurry.

PasteAsFile is a small windows freeware application that will really come handy in such situations. Upon installation it integrates with Context Menu and can be used in any storing location in windows.

How to Paste Text or Image as File Directly

Working With PasteAsFile is simple. Once you have installed the app, copy any thing you like a text or image.

paste clipboard content as new file

  • Right click at any location you want to paste the file.

paste clipboard content as new file

  • As you click on Paste As File option, you will be presented with the set of operations you can perform. For text files you can manually enter the extension like doc, txt etc as long as the application associated with the extension is capable to handle text inputs. name the file as you wish. Personally I tested it with txt & doc extensions.

paste clipboard content as new file

  • For images, you can also select various formats like you did in case of creating clipboard content as text file. For images you will be shown a list of formats you can work with.

PasteAsFile Working Video Demo

PasteAsFile is a must have application if you are copy pasting a lot of data on your system. It works perfectly without any failure. If you want to get rid of this application, just install it from Add/Remove Programs.

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