Pin Frequently Used File Folders or Special Items to Windows 8 Start Screen

Windows 8 Start Screen may look confusing and messy to many but with a little tweak it can be used to our favor. Applications that  you install are automatically added to the Start Screen. You might be wanting to add frequently used files and folders to Start Screen for Quick access. Lets see how to perform this task easily.

Organizing Windows 8 Start Screen

Before pinning additional items to your Start Screen you might want to organize and Clean up unnecessary tiles. Lets see how to do this task.

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Tile Cleaning

  • Go to Start Screen

Organize Windows 8 Start Screen

  • Select the application tiles you you want to remove. You can select as many tiles you need just by right clicking on them.

organize start screen windows 8

  • As you select the tiles you will get an option “unpin from Start” at bottom to remove them.
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Remove Live Tiles from Windows 8 Start Screen

  •  Now Just drag the application tiles and organize as you like.

Customize Application Groups

grouping Start screen Tiles

  • Click on the “Small Dash” icon at bottom right corner of Start Screen.
  • Now re arrange the group positioning according to your choice. You can also give custom group names.
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Creating New Groups in Windows 8 Start Screen

Organized Windows 8 Start Screen

Organize windows 8 start Screen

Pinning Any File/Folder to Windows 8 Start Screen

Now that you have organized the start Screen lets pin some apps on it. To pin almost anything on the Start Screen you will need a small and handy application named Start Screen Pinner.

pin Files, folder, library to windows 8 start screen

Start Screen Pinner is a Portable Application with a single Window working interface. All the pinning options are clearly mentioned in tabs, to add a file click on pin a file tab and follow the same procedure to add other types of items.

pin Files, folder, library to windows 8 start screen

With Special Items you can pin handy options like Games, Display, Folder Options, Credential Manager etc. The items you pin to the Start Screen can be found at the end.

pin Files, folder, library to windows 8 start screen

You can organize and group the pinned items in the above mentioned method. We have tested Start Screen Pinner on Windows 8 Pro 64 bit and it worked perfectly fine.

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