Pingbox receives Facebook chat on Yahoo! Messenger

pingbox-facebookPingbox is an application that Yahoo! launched towards the end of last year, but now adds support for Facebook chat. So, when you installed the Pingbox app on Facebook and someone visits your profile, he can send messages from there, you will receive in Yahoo! Messenger. In this way, stay connected without having signed in on Facebook.

Installing Pingbox on Facebook is really easy, after which your profile will have a widget whose title is Yahoo! Messenger Pingbox. From there they can send instant messages, and finally not to forget you must have Yahoo! Messenger 8.1 or 9.0.

Facebook has its own instant-messaging service, but it doesn’t launch a pop-up window or desktop notification when somebody sends a message, so it’s not obvious when people use it. So, With the Pingbox app, your friends can IM you from your profile page even when you’re not on Facebook.

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Rebecca - April 9, 2009

Hi, I can?t understand how to add your site in my rss reader. How can I do this?

    Rohit Langde - April 10, 2009

    @Rebecca, Go to and hit subscribe to add it in your favorite RSS reader.


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