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Pinterest Instructions: Know Everything About Fashionable Social Network

Pinterest is the latest social network trend that early adopters have already adopted.  Set in Palo Alto (California), not far from the industry giants Facebook and Twitter. Exactly, Pinterest is not Facebook or Twitter. This startup was launched in 2010 but in recent months, its growth became rapid.

According to TechCrunch, Pinterest observed more than 10 million unique visits in January.

The Concept

Pinterest principle is simple: You can share your photos and videos on a virtual dashboard. Such sharing shall be open or we can call it equivalent of Facebook wall (“the board”). You can then classify your dashboard themes in which you can assemble your photos and videos on the same subject.

On Printerest , you cannot talk about your life, Instead you can share your interests and your favorite heart. This is what it is different from Facebook or Google + and hence its interest.

Another advantage of Pinterest, is on ergonomics, which contrasts with what one is habitual to see. Its organization as “board” vertical was thought to use very visual, which will delight users of tablets.

Pinterest is one of the best social networking site that we have at this present moment. It offers us many benefits more than any other social network like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ – though, Google+ has many more benefits that Pinterest when it comes to search engine rankings.

How Does It Work?

Pinterest lets you to publish your content on a dashboard. In the vocabulary Pinterest, we say that you pin your content(“pin” pin means in English). Photos or videos can be found on the web or you can upload your own content.

The home page takes you through the pines of people you follow, it is bit like Twitter with tweets. A search engine also allows you to find images by theme.

How To Pin a New Content Or Create a Board?

Nothing simpler, just click “add” at the top right of your profile page. Open a window where you can add a “pin”, that is to say, a picture or video by entering the link for the content. You can also upload content from your computer. For each pin, you assign a “board” that is to say one of the topics / Interest that you created previously. Finally you can add a description of the length you want.

To create a board (Topic), it happens in the same window as to create a pin. You can create as many boards as you want.

The content you add is visible on your board, that is your wall. It will also add to your homepage where your pins are visible and those profiles that you follow (a kind of image in Twitter feed).

Everything Is Seen And Everything Is On Sharing

Everything you post is public Pinterest. That is why the content published on Pinterest is more innovative and heart shots you want to share.

The shares are functions of s with multiple Pinterest and this is making it a part of its success. You can make a “repin”, an equivalent of the retweet, for the content you found on Pinterest. You can also “Likes” in the way of Facebook.

Then, for each pin, you can share on social networks, Twitter and Facebook in mind. Warning- Not to spam your timeline or your Twitter feed … Pinterest for iPhone is already available in the hope that they will come to Android and Windows Phone 7.

Useful Extensions For Your Browser

To facilitate the publication of your pines from what you find on the web, there are already many extensions for your browser. They will save your time. For Chrome, with Right Click Pinterest you can send any photo or video to the theme of your choice with a simple right click.

Conclusion After a Few Days Of Use

Pinterest can have multiple uses while sharing your favorites is currently the main motivation of those registered to use it. This explains why this particular social network was adopted overwhelmingly by a female audience. Moreover, we have sometimes the impression of watching a virtual catalog. Moreover, the marks do not make mistakes and not look closely Pinterest, especially since according to preliminary data reported, the rate of user engagement is stronger than Facebook and Twitter combined.

Pinterest can also be used as a bookmark manager, a kind of Delicious in pictures. And your wall, on which you see through your own pin and those people you follow, immediately becomes a visual monitoring tool.

With pinterest, your goal is not to have as many people behind you and you follow, but to select the most interesting profiles. Registration, meanwhile, is currently only by invitation of the any member or by making a request to Pinterest by communicating your email. A message will arrive quickly to register.

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Ajitem Sahasrabuddhe - March 7, 2012

A refreshing new turn for the social-network bandwagon. A nice concept implemented beautifully!


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