Pirate App to Download MP3 Music at High Speed

MP3 Music Download from Internet can be done in various ways. Pirate is a tiny app and extremely lightweight which finds out the song you want and download them directly at full speed. Pirate indexes almost all popular websites offering Direct downloads and offers user a choice to select from various sources.



Pirate App to Download MP3 Music at High Speed

Just type the Album / Music / Artist / Song Name you want to download and results will be presented in the same window in seconds. It can be of any country / region and any Language whether English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil or Bollywood Number or any Genre, Just Use the download button in front of each search result.You can pre-define the download location from settings and hence save the frustration of being asked every time for download location.

Pirate is designed for educational and testing purpose and it also allows you to download copyrighted material. In this case, responsibility lies with the end user.

[alert-warning] Only thing you will miss is an advance search feature with multiple search filters to get exact results[/alert-warning]

Pirate is compatible with all Windows version and doesn’t require any installation and No additional configurations required.

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[alert-announce] Before Downloading this application, make sure you have the latest .Net framework installed else it wont work [/alert-announce]

Advantages of Using Pirate App

Using Pirate App Mp3 download is extremely simple. The advantage you get is, clear information about the MP3 you want to download. This information is about the Mp3 file in terms of bit rate and size. So from before hand you can download the high quality Mp3 at one go.

[alert-warning] No download queue management, it’s all about instant download[/alert-warning]

How to Search Effectively With Pirate App

pirate app mp3 download

Though Pirate app Mp3 download is optimized to give proper results no matter whether you enter keyword as “Song Title”, “Album name” or “Album Artist” but while testing I found that “Song Title” gives more accurate results while there is confusion when you enter just Album name.

In case, you want some alternative MP3 download software then try these:

  • MusicFrost – Not just MP3 downloader but also a music player which is able to stream songs and preview before downloading.
  • GrooveDown – Dedicated to download songs from Grooveshark which is great online music service. Very Simple Interface and working GrooveShark Mp3 downloader.
  • Google Hacks Tool – Not a MP3 Downloader tool but lets you search for anything on Google with specific keywords such that results are guaranteed to get direct MP3 download link.
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