How to Play PlayStation PS1 Games on Galaxy Ace or any Android Phone

Playstation brought a revolution in world of gaming. With gradually improving graphics quality and gameplay, it almost gives players complete gaming satisfaction. But still there are many gamers who have not yet got a chance to own a PS.

So the only option now left to overcome the madness and desperateness of playing those games is to emulate these games on some other platform. Earlier we had covered about Playing PS2 games on PC, but now with development in technology we have more advantage.

Now we do not have to wait to get home or sit with our desktop to play these games. Only thing that you need is a high spec Android smartphone. Talking of high spec phones, it’s obvious they can take any task given to them like playing PS1 games. But if you have a mid-range android smart phone like Galaxy ACE then things start troubling a bit. Now let’s see how we can run these PS1 games on Galaxy ACE.

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What do we need to play PS1 games on Galaxy ACE?

Not just on Galaxy ACE, but to play PS1 games on any android handset we need an emulator. This emulator helps create the same environment as in PS1 and also helps you to configure inputs maps as in a PS1 gamepad.

There are many emulators available in the Market today. The best one I have tried and got working properly is FPse. Just downloading the emulator will not do. You will also need the PS1 BIOS file. There are many games that will work without this BIOS file also. But keeping the file at hand will keep you safe at times of need.

Download: FPse

Download: scph1001.bin (search Google to download)

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OK, I have downloaded the required files, now what to do?

Once you have downloaded and Installed Fpse, copy the Bios (scph1001.bin) file to your SD card. Now you have to put the PS1 game CD image in your SD card. The image can be of the following format, img, .iso, .bin, .cue, .nrg, .mdf and .Z. You can easily download PS1 games just by Google searching. One the Game image is downloaded copy it to your SD card.

Once you have got all the required files, you can move on to the next section.

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Is FPse too hard to configure?

Actually yes, but if you give some time and patience, the configurations will appear easy. Now let’s go through each of the configs. Before starting with the settings I must say these are not the best settings and may change according to the type of games you are playing. You can keep your own experimental settings.

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Start FPse, the first screen to appear is selecting an image file to run. Touch the left soft key to bring up settings. On the settings menu you will find categories like System, Audio, Video, Input and Cheat. Now let’s see how you can play with these settings.


First thing that you have to do here is selecting the BIOS file that you have copied into SD card earlier. You can then check on all the options except Boost Mode.

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In my case after checking this option the application crashed. After you are done with this, there is no need to touch other settings in this category as of now. Touch the back soft key and move on to the next category.


In audio you can select to enable or disable sound. You will also have option to enable Spu Sync which will provide better sound emulation but also slows down overall performance. So, what you can do is change this setting according to the game play. If game is running slow, just disable sound and restart the emulator.

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Sometimes it is noticeable that the sound appears choppy in most of the games. It’s advisable to disable sound in such circumstances.


This is the most important section and needs to be configured wisely. We have to keep in mind that Galaxy ACE is not at all a high spec phone. So we have to be in our limits and console ourselves with better gameplay rather than having high graphics. Well high end users do no need to bother and can try playing with all options enabled initially.

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Again these settings are highly user oriented. Uncheck Frame limiter, Screen Filtering, sharp Overlay drawing. Check on Print FPS (optional), Invert colors and Enhanced 3D rendering. Set Frame skip to no skip, screen size to full screen, boost brightness to 150 percent and screen orientation to automatic. Once you are done with this go back to main settings page and select Input.

I have also played Gran Turismo 2 with all video options enabled. The fps drop was noticeable but still it was well playable. Not to mention the graphics quality was lot better.


I have tested this application for Galaxy ACE, so this section will be exclusively for ACE users. Initially when I started using this application I found that in portrait mode all keys were appearing on screen correctly. But when in landscape mode keys like L1, L2, R1, R2, Start and Select were not appearing. This was a big problem while playing games those uses these keys extensively.

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To solve this go to Input and scroll down to buttons section. Here you will find all keys with their positions. Select buttons for like L1, L2, R1, R2, Start, Select and pick your desired position on screen. Make sure you do not overlap positions of two keys.

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Keep Fix auto alignment unchecked as I was having problem with it. The keys were automatically repositioned, which was uncomfortable during gameplay. Go to transparency and decrease it to 20 percent for proper view of keys during play. In the Input main menu you can also enable force feedback and assign its intensity.

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When you have finished configuring all options you have to go back to System and then select Default Config Save. This saves all the changes you have made. Do not forget to Default Config Load every time after you start the application to load your configuration.

How is PS1 gaming Experience on Galaxy ACE?

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Frankly speaking it’s not bad at all. The gaming experience varies from game to game. I loved playing racing games and few other arcade games. Games with complicated controls are hard to play.

PS1 games successfully tested on Galaxy ACE

  • Spider man 2
  • Gran Turismo 1 and 2
  • WWF Attitude
  • ECW Anarchy Rulz
  • Harry Potter- The Philosopher’s Stone
  • Legacy of Kain – Soul Reaver
  • Jackie Chan’s Stuntmaster
  • Iron Man x-o Manowar in Heavy metal
  • Mortal Kombat – Special Forces
  • FIFA Football 2005
  • Wroms World Party

PS1 games that failed to run on Galaxy ACE

  • 007 Tomorrow Never Dies
  • Tomb Raider 3 – Adventures of Lara Crof

We will keep updating this list in future.

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How can I increase performance of FPse?

Performance of FPse emulater mostly depends on your devices physical resources. SO before playing on FPse I would recommend freeing up ram, stopping unnecessary services and stopping scheduled tasks.

The testing has been done on ACE running Custom Rom FirstUA. Still confused? Do not worry, Video tutorial will be added soon.

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i try with my galaxy w, but it’s doesn’t work if play gran turismo . please give me FPse setting for galawy w in order can play gran turismo
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