Play Road Rash 1, 2 & 3 On Windows PC

When we think of bike racing games, the Road Rash is one of the games that has a deep impact. The music, gameplay, involvement every thing. If you were lucky enough to have had played this game in your childhood then probably you will be too eager to play Road Rash on Windows.Road Rash by Electronic Arts became unique due to the racing and combat fused together. Now lets see how you can download them and play on Windows 7/ Windows 8 desktop similarly as it was done in Super Mario Brothers. The only difference was that it didn’t use any emulators.

Road Rash 1

Download Road Rash free for Windows

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Road Rash 2

Download Road Rash free for Windows

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Road Rash 3

Download Road Rash free for Windows

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The controls for all the games are same and can be found on the Download Page. You can change them whenever you like from the emulator options. Lets see how to do it.

[alert-warning] Be careful to install the game. The game installer will try to install Babylon Toolbar and other stuffs. So uncheck all of them and in the next step select CANCEL. Installation will be carried normally. If by mistake you have got it, remove Babylon Toolbar easily and speed Firefox like Chrome. [/alert-warning]

Configuring Video and Controls

There is nothing much to configure here. To get the full resolution of video on your desktop go to Video option and select the highest resolution you have. Enabling Vsync will aid to visual quality. If you wish you can select an Aspect Ratio suiting your needs.

Reassigning Contols

Download Road Rash free for Windows

To get the controller config panel, go to options and then to Set Config. Click on the Controllers Tab. Click on define and you will be asked to enter alternative keyboard keys. You can also play these games using a wireless ps3 gamepad with Pc as we are able to use it with Playstation 2 games on Windows Pc.

Nifty Trick to Keep Games Compact

Installing the 3 games you will find 3 different exe files on your desktop. Now really it is illogical to set up 3 emulators when they are one and the same. The system is similar and it is also an emulator like we saw PcsX to play PS2 game. Hence conceptually they must work in the same manner, one emulator should play all games of same category. So click on all the exe files and open target location.You will find files namely:


Copy other 2 files to the road rash folder, i.e. Road Rash 1 game folder. So you will have these files together exactly as in the above list. Now open Road rash emulator. Set it up according to your convenience.

Download Road Rash free for Windows

Now, to play the game, click on File-> Load Genesis/ 32X ROM. Then select the appropriate game file and you are ready to play Road Rash on Windows 7 / 8 PC.

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Ajay - September 6, 2012

Doesn’t the quality look a bit blurred for the original Road Rash games?

    Siddharth Govindan - June 2, 2013



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