Plurk- Clone twitter or better?

Plurk allows you to post updates letting people know what you’re up to. It’s an easy way for me to let my friends know what I’m doing / eating / thinking / feeling / typing. Yep, It’s based on constant activity, quiet same concept as Twitter (another microblogging service).

It has been a day since I joined twitter but I found it bit different and better. Here are some features that make Plurk stand out:

  1. Elegant AJAX based timeline with friends’ updates. Drag and drop facility makes it more easy to reply and scroll on. Worth saying –“your life on the line”
  2. Preset emoticons and prefixes such as shares, likes, loves, wants and more.
  3. Overall better and beautiful interface.

Offbeat, there are two new terminologies on plurk :

  1. Karma – it’s a measure of how active you and your Plurk friends are on the site. The more Plurk services you use (such as instant messaging or uploading a profile picture) the more points you’ll gain.
  2. CliquesYou can segment your list of friends into “cliques,” for instance. It’s the ability to group your friends together into categories that you choose. It’s sticky AND useful.

Twitter’s downtime and focus on marketing over substance has maddened a lot of people. If you’re already on Twitter, and you aren’t bugged by Twitter’s constant crashing then, Plurk is good alternative. Thinking of moving to Plurk? You may import Twitter contacts on plurk and bring back the real magic of microblogging.

Update (02 April 2012): Twitter has undergone many changes since last 4 years and has nearly become a nerve of Social Media Stream. Plurk, however couldn’t stand the wave and not used widely. Also, Twitter no more has FailWhale or D0wntime problems as often as they were.

So, no matter what you feel about it, if you are really into marketing or need exposure to your updates, Twitter should be the first choice.

Join me on Plurk and Twitter network.

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ameo - July 3, 2008

dunno really ,
i guess i won’t use both , twitter require much time and attention and sometimes i just think that it’s wasting my time ,

Rohit Langde - July 3, 2008

@ Ameo,
I too don’t use both of them much. (actually, I didn’t knew about them before this)
Not a waste of time but I don’t have that time to constantly update my status.

ameo - July 3, 2008

exactly , and that is what i meant .. twitter is just trying to kill the way people should be handling e-mails .
i prefer contacting peopl through my inbox each day instead of loggin to twitter or using the twitter feed

Penang - June 10, 2009

I don?t usually reply to posts but I will in this case. 🙂


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