10 Popular Online Calenders to Keep Work Organized

Since the information flood our lives, calendars and PDAs have been gaining more and more popular: they are no more paper alert of important events that you can take everywhere.

The days when you had to manually synchronize your calendar from one device to another are gone. Now it takes is to have an online calendar which can be viewed from any device with network access.

In Last post, I said, there are many things done better online instead of native software and Calender is one of them so, Here we show 10 alternative online calendars.

Google Calender


Google Calendar is probably the most popular online calendar, and not only because of Google: its features and ease of use has been well worth it.

Google Calendar gets along with different time zones, you can display multiple calendars simultaneously and is able to export your records in iCal format, XML or HTML, all seasoned with email and SMS notifications and integrated into other Google services such as Gmail.

Windows Live Calender

The Hotmail calendar, also known as Windows Live Calendar, offers similar functionality to Google, with a more polished design, while the template is almost modeled.

It also makes it easy to export data to various formats: ICS, HTML and RSS, but in this case access is read-only .

On the other hand, is not surprising that integrate well with other Live. In Windows Live Mail can manage your calendar on your desktop while your contacts from Messenger provide their birth dates for birthday reminders, which are never more.

Yahoo! Calender

If Gmail and Hotmail have a calendar service, Yahoo! mail will not be less. Yahoo! Calendar follows the aesthetics of the other company applications: Mail, Messenger, etc. and although you do not have SMS alerts, the changes by reminders directly to your Yahoo! Messenger.

It comes with extra animations, synchronized with the main programs (Apple iCal, Thunderbird, etc) list and a colorful icons to label events.

AOL Calender

AOL may not tell you much, but still retains a few million users. Your e-mail service also contains its own timetable in AOL Calendar, you can not say that dazzled by functions or originality.

The structure is almost the same as in previous cases, but is less configurable and data export is manual.


No more boring arrays and tables, Coolendar changes the concept of schedule and reduced to show only what matters to you: you have to do and when.

Straddling calendar and task list, add events to Coolendar is as easy as using a special syntax. For example, “+2 Manchurian” added the task of eating Manchurian for two days. There are applications available for iPhone, Android and Kindle, as well as email notifications and Google Talk.


If you are more classic, 1Calendar is an old-style calendar, with the advantage that you do not need Google account, Hotmail, Yahoo or AOL. One of its peculiarities is the possibility of connecting with and import Facebookevents and birthdays.

One thing that is missing is the view by month or day. For now be satisfied with the view for weeks.


The timing of Cozi has a different approach to the above: is designed for families,and therefore makes it easy to schedule outdoor activities, meal planning, establish who is doing routine work, and so on.

If we add up the shopping lists, tasks and diary: What do you need to better organize your family plans?


Have you tried all the above and none of you convinced? Here we list a few more:

Which Calender do you use?

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