Setup WordPress Blog Quickly on Windows PC in Portable Installation

You may want to try out WordPress Theme or Plugin before deploying it on Live site. Or just want to get know-how and its working before selecting it as Blogging Platform, Installing WordPress Locally on Windows Computer is recommended. InstantWP installs WordPress on Windows instantly in portable so that you can even carry it in USB.

XAMPP is what you get as a solution when asked about installing WordPress on Windows Computer. But, it is really tedious to setup Apache, MySQL, etc and difficult for newbies.

I have tried many software solutions to setup demo WordPress locally but InstantWP is the fastest and the easiest. What you have to do is extract the installer in one folder and run the application executable. The site is up and running with everything setup without worrying for database connection and all.

Install WordPress Portable on Windows

Direct Access to most navigated places like: Theme Folder, Plugin Folder, phpMyAdmin and WordPress Admin Login shortcuts are given on Main Interface.

XAMPP compared with Instant WordPress

  1. Installs much quicker with three clicks and zero configuration.
  2. PHPMyAdmin bundled by default for advanced users.
  3. It leaves nothing on the machine. The IWP install folder can be deleted, copied and renamed.
  4. It runs simply on USB.
  5. It is entirely self contained. It means you can literally copy and paste a WordPress website onto somebody else’s computer so they can see it.
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kuma - August 14, 2012

thanks lot… useful tip


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