Does Posting Frequency Affect Number of Feed Subscribers?

Every blogger is concerned about the number of subscribers of blog. There is an another factor which affects the number of subscriptions – Number of posts published on a daily basis i.e. Posting frequency.

How many posts should one publish on a blog in a single day? This is a common question among we bloggers. So, let’s have a look at it to know should you really worry about your posting frequency?

How Posting Frequency Affects Feed Subscribers

It depends upon the type and number of categories covered by your blog. Some blogs need often posting than others in order to satisfy their readership while for others’, number may be less.

More the number of topics covered means more is the posting frequency. For example: If you are a News Blogger then reader would expect daily updates while for literature or Recipe blog can be updated twice or thrice a week.

Other factors may be style of writing, demographic characteristics of readers and number of bloggers (publishers) posting on a single blog.

Here are some resultants of increasing and decreasing the frequency of blog posting.

1. Posting Slower

  • Regular visitor will stick with you and stay subscribed.
  • Commenting will be as usual.
  • Less pages will be indexed by Search Engine which means less chances to get new visitors.

2. Posting Faster

  • Regular reader will be fed up of reading too much posts and they may unsubscribe.
  • Number of commenting readers will go down. They will lose spirit of readership.
  • Blog will grow and more pages will be indexed by Search Engine hence, more chance to get new readers.

With whom will you go? slower or faster? We will discuss on topic “How Often Should a Blogger Post?” in our next post so, subscribe and stay updated.

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