PowerPoint Twitter Tools for Live Feedback, Auto Tweet and Voting

Ever thought of integrating Web 2.0 tools on PowerPoint presentations to make it more interactive. We try various things in PPT to make it interesting and create impact on listeners. Using Twitter in such Conferences or Events or Seminars has become a common thing and it has a wide reach so, How about integrating Twitter tools into PowerPoint presentations.

Here is a list of PowerPoint Twitter Tools developed by SAP Web 2.0 which lets you get instant Live feedback from audience on screen, Autotweet about a specific slide, conduct voting about the product, and a crowd meter which tells you about what people are feeling about the ongoing presentations.

PowerPoint Twitter Feedback Tool

During a conference, Audience tweets out Live whatever they feel about the on going presentations which is seen generally. You just have to specify the keyword to be tracked and the tweets containing that word will be shown up in an interactive way.

PowerPoint Twitter Feedback tool

To install it on your Presentation, right click on the Flash object in editing mode and copy to clipboard. Now Paste in a new slide of your Presentation. Use the search box at the bottom to track specific trend.

PowerPoint Auto Tweet Tool

AutoTweet is a PowerPoint Add-in officially compatible with MS Office 2004 and 2007 but I tested it on Office 2010 and it works fine. It can automatically tweet Notes from your presentation.

Powerpoint Auto tweet Tool

Installation is easy, open the AutoTweet.ppam File and it will be added to the Add-ins menu of MS Office as shown in screenshot. Text to be tweeted has to be enclosed in following format: [twitter] Text to be Tweeted [/twitter]

PowerPoint Twitter Voting Tool

This allows you to conduct Live voting during Presentation. Use an unique string and Choice of option to get the results in Bar graph format on the slide.

Powerpoint Twitter Vote tool

To embed this on your slide, copy that Flash object and paste it in new slide of your presentation like you did for Feedback tool.

These were the useful tools among the archive of Powerpoint Twitter Tools. Rest of the tools can be used in complimentry and they are as follows:

PowerPoint Twitter Mood Meter: It is similar to Voting tool but only differs in the way of presentation. It shows whether people liked it (Hot) or not (Cold)

Ticker Bar: It is possible to run a Ticker bar at the bottom of slide which is refreshed automatically with Feed URL

Powerpoint Crowd Meter: This is not based in Twitter but shows the intensity of noise / sound using the Microphone.

PowerPoint Zoom Text: Zoom in or Zoom out specific text which are the keywords or main highlights of the presentation.

Download Powerpoint Twitter Tools

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Michael R Aulia - June 1, 2010

Wow…never know that Twitter has now been frequently used in presentations O_o

I still imagine the world back then without Twitter, Facebook and all these social craziness…

Shekhar Sahu - June 1, 2010

This is really awesome post, let me try 😉


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