How to Enable Preview each open Tab in Chrome on Windows 7 Taskbar

One of the comfort of Internet Explorer on Windows 7 is the one that lets you view thumbnails of all open tabs in the taskbar. Wouldn’t it be nice to have that feature in Google Chrome? Well, you know that you can, and to enable the function does not even need to install add-on, just change the link to the browser on the desktop or in the same taskbar.

In fact this trick is not new and is known to most geeks a few months ago, when it only worked on the dev versions Chrome . But since now it’s perfectly stable version of the Google browser, we decided to propose it. If you want to find out how to display the previews for every open tab in Chrome in Windows 7 taskbar, follow these simple steps.

Chrome Tab Preview on Taskbar

Right-click on the shortcut to Google Chrome on the desktop and select Properties from the context menu, or right-click on the link to Google Chrome present in the taskbar, right-click with your mouse on the Google Chrome and present in jumplist select the Properties item from the context menu to access the properties of the shortcut.

Click in the target field and add the following code after the program call (keeping the quotes of course and leaving a space between the code and location):


Then, Click on Apply >> OK.

You’re done! Now start Google Chrome using the link that you have changed and you will see the thumbnails in the taskbar in Windows 7 for all open tabs, even if the window of Chrome will be open only one. To revert back, just delete the code added to the link. Dead easy, isn’t it?

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Ajaypratap Sidhu - July 18, 2011

To be honest,i was not aware of it,thanks for posting!

Cloud hosting UK - July 20, 2011

Thank you so much for sharing such good steps.

download tv commercials - July 22, 2011

I always wished chrome did this. Been used to this from IE and wondered if there was a way to achieve this. Thanks for sharing!

Device Driver - July 28, 2011

Great Tips thanks for sharing


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