Prevx 3.0 Review: Smallest And Fastest Antivirus I’ve Ever Seen

With the advent of Cloud Antivirus, many antivirus software claim to offer smaller installation, faster cleaning and realtime detection. I came across Prevx 3.0 which is really a lightest in weight and Fastest in scanning. But how is its detection rate? Can you use it as standalone security software for computer? Read complete Prevx 3.0 review.

Smallest in Size Antivirus

Online installer was downloaded which is just 923 KB (less than 1MB). This installer however downloads about 1.5 MB of stuffs which when extracted occupies a space of 6 MB. That’s it.

On a broadband connection of (2MBPS), it hardly took 2 minutes to complete installation which includes pre-scanning too.

Fastest Scanning Antivirus

During installation, it carries out a learning scan which is necessary to check out malware (if any) in installation directories. If there are any low risk malware detections during preliminary scan, Prevx removes it for free.

prevx scanning speed review

As you can see, 23% scanning is done in 22 seconds so you can expect complete scan in 100 seconds or 2 minutes at max.

After installation, I ran system scan and it took me nearly 6 minutes in which 2 infections were detected in spite of Norton 360 being installed on system.

One word I can say about its virus scanning speed, blazing fast!

Malware Detection

Prevx doesn’t download virus signature database on computer to get information about latest virus threats. Instead it depends on online database like any other cloud based protection software. This is the reason that you computer doesn’t get piles up with virus information.

But, there is a difference between Cloud antivirus and Prevx. Prevx doesn’t initiate scanning without internet connection whereas other software does by giving a warning that scan won’t be effective.

prevx threat detection

Prevx detected every possible sample of malware I tried to execute or downloaded. As I said above, it could detect something which Norton 360 didn’t but those were false positive.

For example, KMService.exe was detected as High risk malware. KMService can be used by hackers to inject malware but it is not always the case. I scanned the same with Panda Cloud Antivirus and Norton 360 and both said it is safe. Maybe, it happened because Prevx depends mainly on behavioral data.

Still, I am impressed with its capability of alerting user about possible threats and fast detection is no doubt the best part.

It should be noted that detection is free but for removal and realtime protection, you need a license.

Good thing about Prevx is, it tries to restore the clean file if it has to delete something. For example: If explorer.exe is damaged by malware, system may go blank. Prevx not only cleans it but also tries to find a possible copy of that file and restore. If there isn’t any copy available, Prevx demands Windows Disk to copy it.

Prevx 3.0 Review Conclusion

Prevx can prove to be a boon for low-end configuration PCs or netbooks which are connected to internet most of the time. It can run side by side with any other Security software without creating any conflict. So, if not as a standalone, you can use it as an addon for cloud protection.

Though, I haven’t tried but Prevx provides online support agents who connect with your system remotely and perform a manual cleanup. The company is confident enough of success that they offer a money-back guarantee.

I am totally impressed with its light weight and speed of scanning, truly fast! Definitely, worth the money spent if faster antivirus is what you are looking for.

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Dr. Hubert Hechabarria - October 6, 2012

Dear Rohit:

Prevx 3 I purchased this anti virus software when the software company was new on the market, and used all of their versions including Prevx 3. Program loaded some of the time, or would not scan some of the time. After two years of complaints to Prevx support that is above average in support and using “team viewer”, Previx surprised me with a two year refund credit applied to my Visa credit card.

I never requested the refund.

Prevx3 failed to perform on both Windows XP Pro., and Windows 7 Home Premium.

Now I have installed Eset NOD32 V5, Sophos virus tool, Malwarebytes Pro., Zemana Malware Pro., Zemana Antilogger. SpywareBlaster Pro.

With Windows XP Pro., and Windows 7 Home Premium installed since becoming available on the market I have found the above combination to be 100% effective to keep my PC 100% clean and no conflict of any kind.

Prevx3 scans very fast, light weight, (actually so fast one has to wonder if all important areas of your PC has been scanned). Prevx Support is way above average if you should need support.


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