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How To Print Web Pages In Proper Format By Editing With Printer Friendly

When you give a Print command from web browser, complete web page is printed. Now, this may contain many unwanted things like banner ads, navigation areas, etc. whereas you are interested in content. So, edit webpages before printing to print in proper format.

Other elements are necessary considering it as webpage but while printing, if those are also printed, you are unnecessarily wasting printer ink/toner.

Printer Friendly is a web service which understands your need and lets you edit webpage before printing. Not just editing before printing but it automatically recognizes your need and shows only possible content from page which needs to be printed in proper format.

It strives to offer perfect webpage printing experiencing by formatting the webpage whenever you want to print. This tool quickly customizes the webpage print to save printer ink and paper.

printer friendly webpage

I tried printing one of my article about Quick Boot mode in Windows 8 and it looked horrible in print preview. However, when tried same on Printer Friendly, it turned into magically formatted printing webpage.

[alert-note] Printer Ink Saving Tips to Print More Pages with Same Cartridge [/alert-note]

An article which may require One and half A4 size printing paper (which equals) could fit in just one. All possible because of formatting the page and removing the unwanted elements from it.

Not just saving but the printed article looks good, easy to read and moreover content is in focus. Also, they offer emailing of article as well as exporting as PDF.

Printerfriendly.com can be accessed by going to their website or you may add their bookmarklet or install Chrome extension. Webmasters / bloggers can help their readers by adding printer friendly buttons to website.

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rakesh - September 8, 2012

Printing article is good for reference in the future for offline use


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