How To Print More Pages with Same Cartridge

One time cost of Printer wasn’t an issue for me but what mattered was recurring expenses of Ink Cartridges / Toner. Either the Price of Refill Ink is too high or the duration it lasts is disappointing. So, here I have summed up some Tips to Save ink by optimizing Printings.

To save ink, you need not give up printing. There are several tricks and utilities that you can apply to dramatically reduce ink consumption and lengthen the time until the next refill or purchase of cartridges.

Optimize Printer Options

By default, Printing options are set to Normal after installing Printer but some ink saving tweaks can be applied.

Print can be taken out in 3 qualities so it has to be selected according to the use of that print – Normal, Fast Draft and Best.

In Usage in DIfferent Print Modes

Fast Draft / Low Quality

I would suggest “Fast Draft” mode if printing something just for yourself (like this Blog Post just for reference) or informal use which doesn’t involve any official document. In this mode, spreading of ink isn’t dense and quality is not so fine but completely readable. Also, prints come out faster so it adds to another advantage of saving time along with ink.

Print Low Quality in Fast Draft Mode

Resolution / Low DPI

DPI refers to Dots per inch and number of dots is directly proportional to ink spread. Keep the Resolution low whenever possible and only set it maximum when printing a photo and where high quality fine prints are desired.

Print in Black / Grayscale

Do you know you can force any color document to print in B/W (Black and White). Printer properties has option to print in Grayscale from where you can select “Black Ink only”. If not saving ink, you will probably save money as Black ink is cheaper than color cartridges.

Print with Black Ink Only - Grayscale

The Features and Options mentioned above with official Drivers (in my case HP Inkjet Printer). Search for Updated Compatible Drivers and scan for outdated drivers which acts as mediator between Printer and your Computer.

Special Fonts and Apps to Save Ink

Configuring Printer to as above will result in significant savings of Ink but there are some more stuffs. Use of Printer Friendly Fonts and Programs to modify Print documents can result in more cost savings.

PrintWhatYouLike is a Web App which make webpage editable and ready for printing. You can remove unnecessary elements from pages like Advertisement Banners before printing.

Choose Font Wisely

Changing Font can save Ink so, here is a comparison chart given by Matt Robinson which will help you decide:

Ink Saver Fonts Comparison

So, Recommended Font is Garamond. Again, It is a healthy habit to see Print Preview instead of printing job directly.

Use Digital Prints (PDF, EPUB, MOBI on Readers)

With the rise of high-resolution displays, tablet and books e-ink, printing has become increasingly unnecessary. Thanks to documents in digital format, you can view and distribute content without printing.

Use Print to PDF software like NovaPDF which acts like virtual printer to print any document as PDF. You can further use this PDF document on desired device.

Convert eBook to any Format for any Device and read it later on your iPad, Nuke, Kindle, Tablet or even on Mobile Phones.

Think Before Ink

Last but not the least, all optimization settings and tweaks will go in-vain if you print unnecessarily. So, just don’t hit CTRL+P but ask yourself a question next time before you print.

  1. Do I really need a Print of This?
  2. Is High Quality Print Necessary?
  3. Why don’t I just print it digitally?

I shared what I have been implementing since I bought my first printer. Did you find these Tricks useful?

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Mohit - May 3, 2012

Good post in simple words small steps like you have mentioned makes huge impact I will now start writing my posts in Garmond font 🙂 also I want to share more points in this post:-

A. Remove formatting before printing. If you are printing for the sake of referrinf something remove the formatting which is done originally. Like bold itallics etc. Just copy the document and paste in notepad and take printout.

B. Remove unnecessary photos from the pages you want to read only even if you are taking print black/White, hence you save considerable amount of ink by not printing the photo.


    Rohit Langde - May 4, 2012

    Thanks for your inputs Mohit. By the way, to remove formatting, just select all text and many editors have “Eraser”, use it else your Notepad trick is great!

yogendra - May 3, 2012

great work…Awesome!!

srinu smart - May 4, 2012

thanks for this post, from now onwards I’ll save my ink 😉

craig - May 6, 2012

Some very useful tips that I will use as I spend a fortune on ink cartridges. Thanks

Krishna Kiran - May 7, 2012

Very useful and needed tips.. Thanks buddy.. Saved a lot of ink.. 😉 Does decreasing the page size also reduces ink usage?

    Rohit Langde - May 8, 2012

    Of course. Reducing Page size will result in reduction in area of ink spread.

vijay hardas - May 7, 2012

Very useful and nice information indeed


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