Punishment For Cyber Crime In India | Cyber Laws In India

Punishment for cyber-crime in India

People sitting behind screens unknowingly commit cyber crime. This act can be as small as uploading objectionable content or spreading sensitive messages on social web. Some are unaware and some feel nothing will happen because it is India but it isn’t true! Revised IT laws has strict Punishment For Cyber Crime In India.

As definition goes, Cyber Crime could be any unlawful act where computer was used as a tool or target or both.

Common Cyber Crimes Committed

  • On Facebook and other Social Media- Uploading/spreading of objectionable or communal sensitive multimedia content or message. Defaming someone, Invading someone’s privacy or harassing.
  • Piracy – Distributing copyright software or movie or anything without permission.
  • Hacking and Spoofing.
  • Spam

Punishment For Hacking And Damage

According to the Section: 43 of ‘Information Technology Act, 2000’ whoever destroys, deletes, alters and disrupts or causes disruption of any computer with the intention of damaging of the whole data of the computer system without the permission of the owner of the computer, shall be liable to pay fine upto 1 crore to the person so affected by way of remedy.

According to the Section:43A which is inserted by ‘Information Technology(Amendment) Act, 2008’ where a body corporate is maintaining and protecting the data of the persons as provided by the central government, if there is any negligent act or failure in protecting the data/ information then a body corporate shall be liable to pay compensation to person so affected. And Section 66 deals with ‘hacking with computer system’ and provides for imprisonment up to 3 years or fine, which may extend up to 2 years or both.

You can read more and know about other forms of cyber crime on LegalIndia.

For Teens and First Time Cyber Crime Offenders

Usually teens involve in this crime unknowingly or which according to them is fun. So, recently it was proposed by Home Ministry and IT department that first time offenders will be handled with leniency and with remedies like warning, counseling and parental guidance.

Many people feel that the legal proceedings initiated against a young or first-time offender, expose him to social disgrace and adversely affect his studies and career.  So even though the court decides the intensity of punishment, people want government to make a soft law, which would essentially help a first time offender, who committed the act without any pure intention. (via Silicon India)

Personal Involvement and Reason Behind Sharing

First thing is We, as a web user should know our limits while using Computer and Internet and take care that in no ways any of such unlawful act is committed. Or, prevent it from happening by becoming aware about it.

Personally, I was involved in cases of Online Fraud and Piracy. In both cases however, lodging of FIR was prevented and it was handled between me and the offended party. This happened in 2008 and early 2009 when Internet was just an easy money making source for me.

In online fraud case however, after getting caught, I assisted the security team in fixing the glitch in system and suggesting security measures to avoid future attacks and loss in business. I won’t take name of the online company but now I have good relation with them.

So, call it as a confession and a warning to all new web users or all those who aren’t aware about it and commit such mistakes in young age.

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Dheeraj - October 3, 2016

I just wanna know one thing if someone is using my name or my pics on facebook then what could be the possible punisment for that person.
Actually there is one guy who is using my sister’s pic on facebook.
I asked him so many times not to do that and stop using her pics on facebook.
please let me know the possible way to go on this..

    vinay - November 2, 2016

    No need of cyber make a complaint to nearby police station about this matter so that every thing willbe in touch with local police and the also be Will in glance of local police

      Vinay Ruperia - February 24, 2018

      What about process in cyber crime?

Suneev Tandon - November 3, 2017

Some friend has misued my to her relative without my consent. Is it an offense. She didn’t impersanate me.

Chandrakant - January 20, 2018

What punishment is given for Carders? N how are the page owners caught? Do they get caught?


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