Push Files to Android Device Using Windows Send To Menu Over ADB Shell

Previously in my tutorial of how-to disabling the ascending ringtone on your Samsung Galaxy S, I crashed my mobile OS by messing up with the Phone.apk file thus having force closes. The only option left with me was to push the file using ADB shell to get my phone working. Now The second and the more serious problem was that ADB Shell is  full command line supported and pushing file require you to master many commands. Any how I managed to restore my phone with the help of xda-developers but recently I found an application that helps to push files on your Android device using windows Send To option from the right context menu making the task a piece of cake even for un-experienced users.

Please Note

  1. This trick works if and only if your mobile is connected via WiFi to your terminal and not the standard USB debugging mode.
  2. We at Blogsolute take no responsibility of any harm caused to your Android device.


Now here is the step by step guide to integrate ADB push to your right click Send-To menu.

  1. Install ADB and ADB magic on your Pc or laptop you intend to push the file from.
  2. Now create a text file from your notepad and paste the below mentioned command. Replace the <Your Handset’s IP Address> with the WiFi IP address your mobile is connected to.
    adb connect <Your Handset’s IP Address>
    adb push %1 /sdcard/
  3. Now save the text file as adb_send.cmd in android-sdk-windows\tools directory. Some users make mistake here saving the file as adb_send.cmd .txt so be very sure.
  4. Now open the run command box and open the following path
  5. In this very folder paste the above created .cmd file and restart your windows explorer.
  6. Voila, that is all, you will now be able to see your mobile in the right context menu Send To option to push files directly over WiFi.


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