RAM CPU Taskbar turns your Taskbar into a Dynamic Monitoring Tool

If you love customizing your windows 7 desktop then there are many customization tools freely available to do so. To monitor hardware aspects of your system gadgets serve an important role. The add up to the looks and also gives you important updates.

The only thing that may add up negative to gadgets is that they consume space on desktop. If you want to keep an eye on CPU and RAM usage without putting up any gadget then RAM CPU Taskbar is a good utility to give a try.

RAM CPU Taskbar is a freeware portable utility for windows 7. It helps you to monitor CPU and RAM usage from the taskbar. The working of this tool is bit different and innovative. Instead of showing up data into taskbar, it turns the taskbar into a monitor itself. It is done by  displaying custom color bars in taskbar.

Setting up this application is easy. It provides separate settings for CPU and RAM notifications. You can use one side of taskbar for displaying CPU usage and other for RAM.

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