How to Read Google Books and Magazines from Windows Desktop

Google Books is a large collection of online books that users can benefit from. This service can be availed online and books can be searched according to need. GooReader is a light weight desktop client making this task easier hence reducing the endless time one has to spend online in search of books.

Gooreader is a small application that has a free as well as paid version. There are no usage restrictions in the free version apart from saving the books in pdf format which is only allowed in the paid version. Using this application is very simple, it provides an interactive interface to work with. You can search for book name or topics on which you require books for.

Books that appear in search are categorized according to their preview type i.e full preview, partial preview or no preview. If you want books with full preview only then checking the full preview option returns search results of full preview type.

Download GooReader (1.1MB)

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Nihar - November 26, 2010

Thanks for this.

I liked this tool. very very useful.


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