How to Read RSS Feeds right from Windows 7 Taskbar

RSS Feeds are important for people who love to read a lot about various topics from various locations on internet. It provides all the necessary things at one place hence saving a lot of your precious time. Till now you must have come across many freeware desktop RSS feed readers which can be easily used. With feature of taskbar thumbnail preview in Windows 7  RSS7 is an innovative feed reader that you might like trying.

RSS7 is a windows freeware portable application that will stay on your taskbar and you can view feed updates just by hovering your mouse over the icon on taskbar. It provides feed control as, changing feed, refreshing feeds or view more. RSS7 is still in early beta stage and hence it is cannot be called a complete application as it needs a lot of improvements.

To make it work you have to extract the downloaded file. Among the downloaded files there will be a text file named feed.txt. In this file you have to paste the feed url address in new line for adding new feeds. For instance to add Blogsolute feed I pasted in the text file.

Once the above step is done, just click on the exe file and wait for half a minute or so until the application starts. This application is light weight and has quick response in refreshing feeds. Users may find this a bit uncomfortable with visibility issues as for now it lacks many features like absence of images and other settings that may be included in further versions. People having issues with visibility can open a blank text file first and then open the feed window on it as this is the way I am using comfortably to replace the transparency with white back ground.

Download RSS7 (2.95MB)

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