Get Real Time Android Notifications on Windows Desktop From Phone

Getting phone’s notifications on computer is always a handy option to opt for. Specially, if you are working on computer the whole day and have a strict environment where you cannot see your phone every time it tings. So, it is better to Android Mobile Notification on Windows Desktop.

Android users now have a very tiny application to serve this need. With DeskNotifier all you need to do is install the main application on PC and its phone app on your Android Handset. Now lets see how to configure DeskNotifier.

Setting Up DeskNotifier on Windows

Pre requisites:

  • Download Windows application for DeskNotifier.
  • Download Android Application for DeskNotifier.
  • Ensure you have the latest Java Runtime Installed on your System. (If not, the app will install for you).
  • Your Phone Drivers must be installed on Windows.

Configure DeskNotifier

[alert-announce] Before you can connect, you have to setup both Windows and Android Components. [/alert-announce]


Android alert Notifications on Windows

Once you have installed the application on Windows you will have it running on the system tray. There is very little to configure if you want to connect your phone over USB. In my opinion it is worthless to use DeskNotifier over USB as you are sitting with your phone in front of you.

So its better and logical to go for the Wireless option. Just Put in the IP address obtained by your phone over the WiFi network. Additionally you may change the WiFi Sleep Policy from advance Wireless options else your phone WiFi will be turned off after some time as the Screen goes off.

[alert-warning] Keeping WiFi always On will have a heavy toll on your Phone battery. [/alert-warning]


Android alert Notifications on Windows

There is nothing to configure here. Just open the application and select options like start with phone and adding it to accessibility list. Optionally you can disable Show Notification in the app, it just shows up in phone’s notification bar to tell you that its active.

Android alert Notifications on Windows

Once both the components are dealt with, you can click on the System tray Icon. It will automatically connect Over the preferred connection medium.

DeskNotifier Notifications

Android alert Notifications on Windows

Notifications are shown in semi transparent popup’s. If you also missed to check the notifications on your PC, they will be accumulated and the application icon will turn to red. You can see all the missed notifications at once.

Android alert Notifications on Windows

Additionally DeskNotifier also allows you to sent new SMS to phone contacts. This was an unexpected feature, but is handy too. Notifications are sleek but I will appreciate to have custom notifications like changing color, transparency, popup style etc.

This is only compatible with Windows. For Linux and Mac however, try Remote Notifier for Android.

Use this application as it is simple and takes few minutes to setup. With DeskNotifier you can only see notifications and additionally send new SMS. If you need need more functionality apart from notifications like reading memory card from PC, installing apps, taking phone backup, media download etc. Then Android Management Tools are a must use for Windows user.

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