Why do you blog? | Reasons behind Blogging and why many Fail

Looks like a silly question but seriously, have you ever thought why you blog? There is a reason for asking this question. Many of us blog without purpose and when things don’t pan out the way we want, we get frustrated.

For example, if you started blogging to make money, you would be required to do certain things which would make it happen. If you don’t do those things you won’t make money even if your blog is the best in the world.

Blogging for fun

This is a rare breed nowadays. I suppose blogs started off as personal dairies which were simply for fun. Obviously, you don’t have to bother about anything like keywords and stuff when you are doing it for fun. It doesn’t matter, whether you get traffic or not. You will be happy just to see your blog out there on the web.

Blogging to build reputation

Blogs have a certain informality which sucks in the most suspicious beings. People nowadays are full of suspicion and doubt especially when they see paid ads in traditional channels like television. For example, if there is an ad for oil claiming rapid hair growth for bald men, you would be mistrustful. But if there are a few comments on a blog, certifying the effectiveness of that same oil, you are more likely to try it. This psychological factor, which subtly manipulates user behavior, is used by smart corporate to sell their stuff. This informal channel is not only effective but also cheap. In comparison TV ads can cost a bomb. Combined with forums on social sites, blogs can be highly effective in managing media campaigns.

Blogging for money

This is where you start sweating a bit. Making money directly through a blog means hard work. First of all, you just can’t write about anything on your blog. You have to choose a niche which is not so competitive but still draws traffic. Once you have done this part, you have to write with keywords in mind. This can cramp your style a lot. Inserting keywords in a post without seeming artificial is an art. Finally you have to know stuff like AdSense which will actually get the money clicking into your account. Many of us are into blogging for the sake of money, which is not a bad thing by itself. But to do this effectively, you must know your keywords well. You have to research the right niche and come up with a winning formula. There are guys who are making good money out there by blogging and so can you.

Blogging to support a traditional website

This is another breed of bloggers. A software vendor, who has a traditional website for selling his product, may have a blog which is an informal channel for communicating information. Many big corporates have adopted this style which means they must have found it useful. Personally, I don’t have any definite opinion on it.


You must know your chicken before they hatch. The purpose of your blog must be clear to you before you write a single word. This will channelize your thoughts and create the right environment for your blog to succeed.

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Vivek Bandebuche - May 23, 2011

really awesome post buddy…much helpful to those who are thinking to start blogging

Price India - May 24, 2011

I use my blog to make money.
And believe me My nights are mostly sleepless.

Rahul - May 24, 2011

Hey Rohit how do you segment seperate menus like Gaming, Gadgets etc. in wordpress? Can u help me. Because i want to start another wordpress blog and want a theme like techcrunch where even as i update my homepage…..the posts are also shown in their category subpage.

vanita singh - May 25, 2011

Two most important things needed for success as blogger are persistence and passion.Its very difficult to have both the qualities.Thats the reason of extremely low success rate of bloggers.

Terry - June 2, 2011

I’m not a blogger but i read many insights coming from bloggers.. For me it is inclosed
of many reasons and I do believe what ever we do if we have a proper purpose in life. Everything is perfect… great post!

Yogesh Patel - June 4, 2011

Yeah. Have seen a lot of people blogging and when it comes to their income…its quite low. I don’t understand how they are sustaining.

Ahmed Gamal - July 5, 2011

for fun and why not some extra money!


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