How to Recognize and Find Unknown Songs Title, Artist and Lyrics

How many times while hearing a song on the radio or on TV, you said to yourself “What song is it? Who sings it? “. Questions that most often remain unanswered, staying with a bitter taste unless you use an application specifically for computer or smartphone to find it.

There are, in fact, incredible software with just a few seconds of “listening” are able to recognize the spectrum of a song and identify the title and artist of a song. Here they are:

Windows and Mac OS X


While listening to a song you can just click the button Search or use the shortcut Audiggle Ctrl + Alt + A. Then, this free software based on the sound properties finds out information about the artist and song title. It does not matter whether one listens to music via Internet stream or with a PC microphone picks up the signal from an analog radio.

The recognition phase may take some time, but accuracy is high. The only exception is for versions of “live” songs, not always recognized during our tests.


Tunatic software also works like Audiggle: With a microphone acting as an input signal of a song. The program will search for song / tracks in a giant database and gives with great success rate about the song title. Tunatic is also available for Mac OS X.



It is perhaps the best known mobile app for the recognition of songs. Using the device’s microphone and an Internet connection, compare the sounds received with a huge music database. Matches are displayed on the phone and the data can be saved. Shazam allows you to discover the latest trends in music charts thanks to the tag, look for songs that show every week in 20 different countries. Available for iPhone, Android, Symbian, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.


One step further, this free Android application: If you hum a tune into the phone microphone, the app plays within a short time from a mating song. The detection rate is even higher than Shazam. In addition, the application displays YouTubeVideo for the song and similar or related artists. SoundHound also recognizes songs in German, but English songs work better.

Web Apps


You simply write the words of the chorus or part of the song and the song for you is identified by LyricRat. Finds and play songs from the free web app directly. However, the success rate is relatively low even with correct spelling. It is helpful incase you missed detecting the song while playing but remember some part of it and search afterwards.


This site is operated by the creators of SoundHound. The detection technique is the same as the smartphone app. Clicking on a button takes on the central Web-App with the PC microphone sung melodies or songs, looking for possible matches. The detection rate is high and in a short time a song is displayed with additional information.

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arunkncea - December 15, 2011

nice work . royal mex kii

Sayan - December 17, 2011

Very useful information…Great work…Specially for my Android device

Jean Jacques - March 29, 2013

These apps are usefull only on English songs. I listen to English songs a lot so I am pretty much able to identify the but the problem is about hindi songs. Is there any smartphone(Android OS ICS 4.0) which can identify Hindi songs ???


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