7 Software I Recommend For Increasing Work Productivity on Windows

I love to keep my Windows Desktop Organized and at the same time Productive for day to day computing. And this urges me to find useful productivity windows software to improve my work style and deliver more efficiently. So, here is a list of these software I personally recommend.


Fences is a desktop organizing application that lets you create a fence or a specific area on your desktop for arranging icons in a group. For example, you can keep all your browser applications in one fence, all your day-to-day use application in the second one, and all your games in the third fence.


When you run Fences, the main window of this application will prompt you to choose from Recommended settings where Fences decides itself where to arrange the desktop applications or the custom one where you create fences filled with your own preferred desktop applications.


I personally chose to use the Recommended one as I don’t have much applications on my desktop and it did re-arranged my desktop applications in a different manner, but this application is better for all those people who love to fill there desktop.


You can even configure where the fences should be placed from the fences settings window. If you’re looking for more desktop organizing applications you can visit list of software to Beautify Windows Desktop.

Total Commander

Total Commander as the name suggests lets you get command of your Windows Operating System. It lets you copy, move, and delete files and folder. From this description it may look like just an ordinary file explorer, but it supports zipping and unzipping of files and folder, and zip archives of course. Another good thing about total commander is the support it gives for controlling your network shared files and folder. You can easily share files and folder on your network with just a click. It even has added support for FTP client and lots of other things which you can check out yourself.

 total commander main window

When I first used this application the interface resembles to X-Plore (A symbian application). The only thing that I dislike about this application is that it’s a shareware application.


There is nothing much that I can add to this application as every user who has ever used it know its worth. Other than being the most awesome file relocation application, Tera Copy has support for pausing the copying or moving (Which btw is now added in Windows 8). Another good thing about TeraCopy is that during a copy error, Unlike Windows it just skips the file itself thus resuming the copying. The interface for TeraCopy is simple, just choose your file or folder to copy or move and choose its destination, and let TeraCopy do its work.

teracopy main window

Remember this application is only free for non-commercial use.


Click.to works the same way as a desktop launcher,it does not only create single-click shortcuts of regular PC applications but it creates shortcuts for online services like Google, Gmail, Facebook, Blogger, Youtube, Box, Wikipedia, GoogleMaps, and many others. When you run click.to for the first time you’re asked to choose from different services that you want to be kept in the launcher, and you are even prompted to choose the desired location of the launcher on the desktop.


If for some reason you want to add or configure the settings or even change the launcher location you can do so by right-clicking on the click.to icon in the system tray and then choosing the Options.




Its a very good application for regular internet and applications user like us.


Ever encountered errors like file is in use by any other program or user or disk is not full or write protected while deleting, moving or renaming a file even if the file is currently not in use. This happens a lot of times for many Windows users (I personally had this problem when I used to use Windows XP). Now if you’re encountering problems like this and can’t find a way to complete the task you were going to perform, then Unlocker is the right application for you.

unlocker options

After installing unlocker all you have to do is right click on the application and choose unlocker. Now choose from any of the three options move, delete, and rename.

Unlocker even works when the application is really in use by some program.

Ultimate Windows Context Menu Customizer

Even though the name is so obvious, Ultimate Windows Context Menu Customizer is the best application that you can find for customizing you context-menu not only for desktop but for all other windows.

context menu customizer

To add an application in your context menu just choose the Context Menu Location on the left hand side of the application window, and then choose the application that you want to add from the right hand side of the application window. Now you’ll see the Add Item becoming live just below the Context Menu Location, click on it to add the application to your context menu for your desired location.

ultimate windows context menu customizer

This application is extremely good in Windows 8 because the Metro interface sucks at times of looking commonly used applications.

System Explorer

System Explorer is more or less like in-built Windows Task manager, but it is more efficient than it. You can even run a security check which is checked through Virus Total. Other than end a process or setting the priority you can even check the directory of the running process.

system explorer

system explorer

Windows 8 beta task manger doesn’t works like it used to work in Windows 7, so I’ll prefer users to use System Explorer instead of it.

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Ashish Mundhra - April 4, 2012

Holy shit!! I have never used any one of the above till date !!

    Rohit Langde - April 5, 2012

    Only Click.To and Total Commander may not come in daily use but rest of them should be Handy. You should use them to make computing more efficient.

Ashish Mundhra - April 5, 2012

I loved Ultimate Windows Context Menu Customizer

Ankur - April 6, 2012

Never even heard of Fences, good find. Looks productive and worth trying.

    Rohit Langde - April 7, 2012

    It isn’t new, being used since the days of XP.

Genuineapps - April 8, 2012

Unlocker is the one of the most important I feel. It simply rocks!

Raju Vindane - April 9, 2012

Avi, you should try SuperCopier instead of tera copy. It has more options and looks better when being used.

    Rohit Langde - April 10, 2012

    Thanks for suggestion Raju but we didn’t include it because SuperCopier development has been stopped since long time.

gIR - April 28, 2012

Rohit You missed many important tools !! :-0)

    Rohit Langde - April 28, 2012

    Yups, it is never a perfect list, your suggestions will be valuable. Please let us know what we missed out 🙂

Ashish - April 28, 2012

Really Useful Softwares For Windows System..


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