Record Multiple Online Radio Stations simultaneously in MP3 format

All those who are accustomed to listening to radio stations online interest certainly have been able to test different applications with which to make audio recordings of all of the hearing.

Today, however, we pay special attention to a further application used exactly for the purpose in question, presenting a few extra features, no doubt, as one of the best tools used for the purpose in mind.

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This is StreamWriter, a little program for free, open source, available in both installed and Portable solely and exclusively on Windows OS, which, through practical user interface, will simultaneously record multiple radio stations streaming in MP3 or AAC format. For listening, it utilizes Default Media Player (WMP) and you can record while listening or without listening.

Using the small program is really simple because, once started, all that we do not simply look for the online radio station of interest using the special search engine offered, select the location to save, set, possibly available (for example, you can automatically cut the music, do not listen to the advertising and much more) and, finally, then start the registration process also had the opportunity to listen to everything.

Depending on your needs, you can also choose the format to use for a title to each registration and, in addition, each user can resort to the use of a dedicated spectrum analyzer with which to make the precise cut of everything recorded.

StreamWriter is in fact a very valuable resource through which to record the online radio station in a very practical and at the same time, tailored to the demands of each user.

Download StreamWriter

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