Recover Deleted Files from Memory using Recuva

Sometimes we accidentally delete important files and then lament over why we pressed the “Delete” Button . Well the normal conception ( or misconception ) , I must say is that when you press the “Shift+Delete” Button , the data is usually removed from the Hard disk.

But what really happens is when we delete a data from the hard disk , a trace or an image of data is left back in the Hard disk.  There are various tools out there to recover your deleted files , while most of them are paid , there are some free alternatives for Memory Recovery and one such tool is Recuva from Piriform. Data Recovery infact is an extensive process but that is used only in the corporate world and is an expensive process.

Recuva scores over its other counterparts basically because it is a freeware and at the same time is more effective.

Recovering your data is as easy as 1-2-3 . If you have accidentaly deleted a file , Install Recuva ( Note : Install it on any partition other than the partition you want to recover data from ).

On Opening Recuva , it will present you with an option of recovering certain types of files ranging from Music, Videos, Documents and so on.

Select Type of File

Select Type of File

After clicking on the appropriate option , Recuva will ask you for a location to scan for .You can choose a specific location or the whole of the computer.

Select the Location to Search

Select the Location to Search

There is an option of Normal scan as well as Deep Scan . If you could not recover the files using Normal Scan , you can always go in for Deep Scan , but the process will take some time to finish . The Interface is very easy to use . you have to Select the drive and Select the Scan Button.

Once scanned , Recuva will show you the files that have been deleted recently. The one’s that are marked green can be recovered easily , The Yellow marked files may or may not be completely recovered and Red marked files cannot be recovered at all. You can select which files you want to recover and Click on recover and choose the location to save the file . ( Note : It is recommended to save the file recovered from a partition onto another partition ). To the right is an information bar which informs you about the Info , Properties of the file which provides information about the file as to when it was last modified.)

Select the FIles to recover

Select the FIles to recover

There you are done with recovering your files!!!. One important thing to note is that if the data on the hard disk is deleted , Try using Recuva immediately . If any data is written to the disk after a file is deleted , then the chances of recovering the deleted file is a rarity since the sector has now housed another data file.
We tried recovering a formatted Hard disk with Recuva we did get some data back whereas some of them was lost which apparently happened because the data was replaced by some other data.

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brian - February 4, 2012

when i recovered the deleted files, in excellent condition, said files were corrupted and unreadable.


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