5 Free Software to Recover Stolen / Lost Laptop and Smartphone

Just bought a new laptop or mobile? If you are living in hostels or shared residents, then there is lot insecurity about these things. There are some unfortunate times when we do lose our precious devices. Practically, there is no way to get back what is lost or stolen unless you are lucky enough. From our side, what we can do is just increase the chances of being lucky.

We will see list of few free applications that can be used to help us keep track of our devices.


Prey is a cross platform application that can be used on Windows, linux, Mac OS etc. If you have an Android Smart phone then prey can help you track your phone also.

Using prey is easy to use and can be controlled from web based control panel, all you have to do is a free sign up from within the application on first run. After registering your devices, you can turn on tracking from the web control panel easily.


LAlarm is an easy to use anti-theft application only for Windows platform. It can be installed on your laptop and can be directly operated from system tray. Few features it provides are Theft Alarm, Perimeter Alarm, Inattention Alarm, Battery Alarm, Disk Alarm, Data Destruction, Data Recovery, Mobile Phone Alert, Theft Response, Health Alarm and Panic Alarm.

All the features can be customized from the application itself. You may need some time to understand this application completely.


Snuko is similar to prey in working, you can control it from web once it is installed. It can be installed on Windows, Mac OS and on Android and BlackBerry phones. Versions for iPhone and iPad are also to be released soon.

Primary features of snuko are Geolocation Tracking, Webcam Pictures, P Logs Tracking, Screenshot Images, Data Backup, Data Encryption, and Computer Lockdown. It starts working only when you report your device as lost. The free version of this application only allows all features for one month.

Norton Anti Theft

Norton Anti theft  is a part of Norton Mobile security for Android. It’s easy to configure and with few steps you can locate lost Android Tablet or Phone, Lock Device completely to prevent access inside or setup SIM Card Lock, Wipe Data completely. To do this, you just have to send SMS to lost phone from any number.  You may also add Mobile numbers of Friends you trust to unlock device remotely.

Anti-Virus free

Anti-Virus free is a product of AVG. With virus scanning and other utilities it also provides anti-theft measures like locating your lost or stolen phone via Google maps and Locking or wiping your device to protect your privacy.

Which one of the above is best?

For the best overall security you can use Prey, it can handle laptops as well as phones. Its features are free unlike Snuko where good features are available only for a month for free users. If you want just for phone then Anti-virus free is good if you do not intend to buy Norton. Using some other applications? please do share with us.

Oops! Forgot to pre install any anti-theft application on your android? Well, you can also track your phone in such conditions with Plan B.

Note: Having an Anti-theft application installed on your system does not make it completely safe. It just increases the chances to get it back if lost. So it’s always better to take care of your gadgets.

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Lookman - October 16, 2011

Anything for s60v3 users

Balaji - October 17, 2011

The software may be good. As you told it won’t make it complete safe.
If the thief changes the HDD then it’s of no use na?

    Sourojit Nandi - October 18, 2011

    Yup, specially if your laptop or phone gets fully flashed even before boot… Now it depends on the intelligence of the thief..

kim@usb microscope camera - October 26, 2011

Good information about recovering the stolen laptop as of now almost all of us needed this one to protect ourselves and the property we own.

zarumai - November 12, 2011

its really works we lyk it.


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