Recover Windows Components and Features without Format

Due to the action of viruses, worms, Trojans, malware and other e-waste, it is quite common that a computer with Windows operating system can get to work differently than usual.

Amount of loss of data on your computer depends upon the intensity of the Virus. They can eat up your default system components like you may not be able to access Windows registry, Taskmanager or there will be no Folder options in Tools menu. Hence this malicious programs makes your working difficult.

I agree that certain viruses can be removed but not their effect. It’s not possible to get back or recover Windows Components like Add or delete program, Control Panel,etc. without repairing or re-installing windows. Thanks to WinRecover which can help you get back your recover your lost Windows feature without formatting Windows.

Recover Windows Components | WinRecover

Recover Windows Components | WinRecover

WinRecover is basically a software tool specifically designed to recover and restore Windows components blocked by virus and other security restrictions that prevent us from accessing certain features of the operating system and even can interfere with the proper functioning of our computer equipment. It is worth mentioning that this is an application that is completely free and available for almost all versions of Windows, from the current 98 to Vista.

Note : It is recommended to clean off your computer from Viruses with Security program you have OR select from Free Antivirus Download List before recovery. Otherwise, changes made will be retained.

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