Reddit Modern Apps for Windows 8 in Metro Style

RedditThe front page of the Internet ‘ stands true to its name. Many people are reading and sharing stuffs on Reddit when not working or even while on work! Reddit is a complete package to entertain and educate you about various things happening around all the time. Well, you can find everything here, from dumb kitten videos to the smartest technical advice, from blood and gore to the best medical advice that internet can afford to give you. The key here is this is a self correcting forum where one just cannot get away with any incorrect and inappropriate content. 

reddit apps windows

If you are a Reddit addict, you will be already knowing these things. So there is no need of an elaborate discussion as it will end up with pages but yet it wont be good enough. Sticking to the topic, if you are a Windows 8 user then you can have total dose of Reddit with an entire new design and experience. Yes, I am talking about Windows 8 Modern Apps. Though they are recently developing and provide lesser functionality, the user experience is great. In personal opinion I would always love to have Web services being replaced by Modern apps.

Here is a list of Reddit Modern apps you can try out.

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1) ReddHub

reddit modern/metro app windows 8
ReddHub is a great Reddit app for Windows 8. It has all the required features that you are accustomed with on the website. On the left top corner you have the option to change subreddits. You can add the ones missing just by searching them with exact name. For instance if you want to add Pics and search for pictures, it will give you error.

Once you have added a subreddit you can subscribe to it. For extended comfort you can pin the subreddit to Start screen. Clicking on the pinned live tile will launch u directly to that particular subreddit page in the app. There are two sections in ReddHub, one for selecting the submits and other to view them. You can comment, view others comments, copy the link, relaunch the page on your browser etc. Best thing is that you can also share things you like on Social Networking sites.

Reddit app windows 8 metro/ modern

Submitting your own story is easy and direct. Right click within the app and select Submit. You can select the type of submit and the subreddit within which you want the post to go.

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Reddit Experience With ReddHub [ Video ]

App Rating: 4.5 / 5

Download: ReddHub

2) /r/etro

reddit modern/metro app windows 8

/r/etro is a simple yet efficient Reddit app to work with. The interface is minimalistic with nothing less or nothing extra regarding content./r/etro is a simple yet efficient Reddit app to work with. The interface is minimalistic with nothing less or nothing extra regarding content. Unlike ReddHub you do not have to change subreddits every time, instead you have many subreddits present on the home screen straight away.

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Reddit modern windows 8 apps

You will be able to push up or down posts directly. To comment you just need to click on comment. Commenting is allowed on post or to user comments. It also allows you to pin you favorite subreddits on start screen. Tiles pinned on start screen are not Live Tiles, that’s a bit disappointment. With /r/etro you have the option to apply different themes. Things that I felt lacking are ability to add new posts. As of now you can add link posts from a Modern Web Browser by Charms bar Share and post it via /r/etro. Posts can be directly shared to Social Networks in the same manner from within the app.

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Reddit Experience with /r/etro [ Video ]

App Rating: 4 / 5

Download: /r/etro

3) Ribbit

reddit modern/metro app windows 8

Ribbit is an extremely beautiful Reddit app for Windows 8. Ribbit is how you imagine a Modern app to be. The features of Ribbit is nearly same as the above apps but all you get is in a true modern and enthusiastic interface.

reddit modern/metro app windows 8

You can vote up / down posts by clicking on the panel arrows present at right corner of the screen. Ribbit doesn’t allow you to post directly but you can comment on posts if you have logged in from your account. There is also no option to pin subreddits on start screen. This app is bit on the slower side if we compare with previous apps. So use it if you just use Reddit for reading purpose.

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Reddit Experience with Ribbit [ Video ]

App Rating: 3 / 5

Download: Ribbit

 4) Reddit To Go

reddit modern/metro app windows 8

Reddit to go is a simple and complete app that you will appreciate being a advance Reddit user. The home screen shows up subreddits with tiles. The tiles have no thumbnail, this was bit awkward to me initially. The best thing that came to me later was that not showing thumbnail was actually making this app faster unlike Ribbit.

reddit modern/metro app windows 8

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With this app you can do anything you want. Pin subreddits, search for particular topics, download images etc. With this app you will also be able to control the YouTube video quality from within the app. There is theme support but its not as convincing as in /r/etro. All the comments are not loaded at once. You can view main comments but follow up comments are hidden. You have the option to load them at your will. This keeps the things simple and clean.

Reddit Experience with Reddit To Go [ Video ]

App Rating: 4.8 / 5

Download: Reddit To Go

5) Snoo

reddit modern/metro app windows 8

Snoo is Reddit app with simple interface. Practically you will find the presentation a bit messy. Though the interface might not that convincing, you will find all the options required. You can comment, up/ down vote, share posts and also give new link or text posts. You can also pin subreddits to Start Screen.

reddit modern/metro app windows 8

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You can specify the subreddits to start the app with. Advance users can directly switch to subreddits by searching it on Windows Charms bar. Using this app I got mixed feelings as i didn’t like the interface but it fulfilled all my needs without any disappointments.

Reddit Experience with Snoo [Video]

App Rating: 4 / 5
Download: Snoo

So, the apps that you can directly start with are ReddHub and Reddit To Go. You can try out other apps also as they are constantly developing and improving. Did I miss out your favorite Reddit Windows 8 app! Do let me know.

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Javier - February 13, 2013

I would love to get your review of my app. Redditting.

Here’s the link.

    Sourojit Nandi - February 13, 2013

    We will get back to this as soon as possible.

      Javier - February 14, 2013

      Thanks! FYI: It looks like youtube has changed their API, so embedded videos are just redirecting to youtube right now rather than playing natively. I have a fix currently in certification, but it probably won’t be available until late this afternoon or tomorrow.


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