Get Refund on Android Play Store Apps After 15 Minutes Grace Period

Android Play store has a weird policy about refunds on Paid apps. If you buy an app for an amount, you can get refund money back only if you claim it within 15 minutes of purchase. Most of the times, this time span isn’t enough to decide whether to continue using it or ask for refund from Google.

Some apps are so bulky in size that that it will take 5-10 minutes to download and then install on phone. Or it may happen that phone freeze after installing the app and you spend the time troubleshooting the cause.

Whatever the reason might be, there will be situations when you are not satisfied with the application after 15 minutes but still want a refund. Here’s how you can get money back by two ways of requesting refund even after grace period of 15 minutes.

1. Request Refund From Developer

Go to the App’s page you purchased on Play Store and there you will find Developer’s Email and Website link. Describe your problem and why you are not satisfied with the app purchase in short and email it to developer or use contact form at their website. Make sure to include App purchase info provided in receipt.

Alternatively you can open a thread on their support forum if given. Like the app I purchased has an option.

androird developer refund

In this case, the decision is completely upto the developer. If your reason is genuine and Developer is honest enough, you will get a reply and or refund back. But, some developers who are not so good will cash-in and never revert back.

2. Request Refund From Google

Being an app hosted on Google Play store, they too have some responsibility. So, you can report Problem to Google and they may initiate refund for you.

Go to in your browser and list of all apps you have installed will appear. Find the one which you want to refund and click Report Problem in front of it.

Dialog box will appear and from here you can Request Refund. Again, make sure to describe the issues you’re having with the app in the text box near the bottom and click Send Report. Your complaint will be evaluated by Google and you may get a refund.

request google play refund

Please note that you should not use this method to trick the system and ask refund on anything. Procedure mentioned above will vary from app to app and developer to developer and hence the chances of getting money back.

I recommend not to buy an app which has less reviews, not from trusted developers and if there are free alternatives available.

I noticed that some developers are good and have a 24 hours refund policy as they understand 15 minutes is not a legit amount of time. Do read the important Terms and Conditions and Refund policy before buying.

play store 24 hours refund

Did you get refund using this procedure?

I think Google Play should increase the amount of time to give refund to 24 Hours officially. These 15 minutes aren’t really enough to decide. What do you say?

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BillyMansell - January 7, 2013

I recently purchased Need For Speed Most Wanted and found my phone had become unstable and the battery would be flat from a full charge within a few hours.
It took a few days of resetting the phone and reinstalling all apps before I established NSF Most Wanted was the culprit.
4 days after purchase I used the second method to request a refund (a sum total of 78 pence – last of the big spenders), within 24 hours I was informed a refund would be given and have since received it.

Ajay - January 7, 2013

Haven’t felt the need for a refund yet. I bought a few games during the Christmas sales. Those were my first purchases ever done!


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