Replace Remap Non Working Keys Function on Laptop Keyboard on Windows

There are times then our default keyboard keys do not work. If this happens with desktop pc then it is easy to change the keyboard. At the same time here is no cheap way by which a laptop user can change the default keyboard except buying one external.

There are many keys in windows that have specific functions. These keys are also called the Function keys which occurs from F1 to F12.

With the fact that these malfunctions never happen with prior information, if you find a non functional key at time of need MapKeyboard will be of great help.

MapKeyboard is a free and portable application for windows. Remaping keyboard keys may sound too difficult a task but this utility makes it extremely simple. It provides a virtual keyboard on your desktop. You can select any key that you want to remap. Then you have to select a key with which you want to remap the existing key.

Once the key is remapped, you have to logoff once for the changes to appear. You can view all mappings done on the virtual keyboard. It also provides options to rollback to default settings.

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