How to Remove Chinese / Japanese Keyboard from Android

Full-size QWERTY keyboard on a smartphone is a great thing and as compared to T9 suggestions, a huge step forward. But what if your keyboard suddenly does not display alphabets anymore, but it shows trumps with Japanese characters?

The conversion happens sometimes quite by accident, when you even don’t notice the display. In this article, we show you How to recover from this accident by removing unknown language may be Chinese or Japanese Keyboard.

Solution is simple– You just have to get back to English Language and here’s how you can do that:

Open any Text field where keyboard activates (For Example: SMS compose window) and long press the blank input field.

Here pop ups two options namely- Keyboard settings and Input Methods.

Go to Input Methods and from there revert back to known language (say English US )

So, it is just a matter of switching Input Language from Chinese or Japanese to English. Some Manufacturers make their local language as default or maybe the installed ROM is of Chinese base; so, this is a common situation which you can get rid of easily.

If you are looking for installing more languages may be regional keyboard support on Android then here is how you can read and write regional language fonts on android.

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raj - April 29, 2012

Great able to change the keyboard thanks…..

Rajendra - June 4, 2012

Thanks 🙂

Its working fine now.

Ravikant - June 11, 2012

Thanks buddy…
Its working fine…

C - December 7, 2013

That’s not useful at all. You said “how to REMOVE” not “how to change back to English”… I don’t want that useless crap wasting precious internal storage space, and don’t want it to ever get activated by accident!


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