How To Remove GOM Player Pop-Up Ads And Browser Toolbar

I have been using GOM player from a long time now for the obvious reason- its versatility. Recent update however, came with Pop-Up ad window which comes up when I exit and also it forcibly install unwanted Browser Toolbar (AVG or Ask in some versions).

I agree that when product is offered for free, they somehow need to earn something from Advertisements but these ads are quite annoying for the sole reason- they are irrelevant and not interesting. Here is a solution by which you can block or remove Pop-Up Advertisement on GOM player.

GOM Player Pop-Up Ads Window

How to Block and Remove Pop-Up Ads from GOM Player

To Remove Popup, you just have remove the file responsible for creating this Pop-Up. And this File is located in Installation Folder.

Go to C:\Program Files\GRETECH\GomPlayer. It can be Program Files (x86) in case of 64 Bit Widows installation. Find the file named: popup.exe in this folder and delete it. Make sure you are logged in as Administrator to carry out this operation.

Remove GOM Player Pop-Up Advertisement Window

This is a permanent solution to get rid of pop-ups on GOM player but if you think that you may find something interesting someday on these ads then it can also be done. You can see the popup once a day by checking on “Don’t show any more ads today” at the bottom of popup window.

How to Remove Toolbar installed with GOM Player

Toolbar is forcibly installed on web browsers (Internet Explorer and Firefox) along with GOM Player. It may be AVG or Ask or any other which you may find useless.

To remove that, you should disable the addon (CTRL+Shift+A in case of Firefox) and change the default search engine of browser.

Remove GOM Player Toolbar Addon on Firefox

Complete removal then can be followed by uninstalling it from “Programs and Features” from Control Panel. There you will find an application name “AVG Security Toolbar” as in my case but can be Ask Toolbar in some other users.

Uninstall GOM Player Toolbar and Remove From Browser

You may have to perform these steps again when you update GOM Player to latest version each time. Same Trick will continue to work as long as they do not integrate Popups in main application.

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Sujay Ghosh - May 20, 2012

I am wondering if there is a new update that changed things because in previous versions (I cannot remember the version number) it used to work differently. There was no popup.exe and no force installation of AVG toolbar…:( They seem to have been desperate.
See the post
http://www. raymond .cc/forum/tutorials/32977-stop-gom-players-annoying-pop-up-ad-forever.html

    Rohit Langde - May 20, 2012

    I read that but as Raymond mentioned in his blog post that GrLauncher.exe is responsible for checking updates too. So, it won’t be a good idea to remove it. Also, I am aware of the registry edit trick mentioned but latest update is far easier to trick. Just delete popup.exe and you are done πŸ™‚

      Sujay Ghosh - May 20, 2012

      Yup, you are right about the update issue…:-)

      Sujay Ghosh - May 20, 2012

      And oops, I was so satisfied in my trick that I missed to read Raymond’s blog post too. πŸ˜›

Dave Davenport - May 24, 2012

thank you very much that popup was really annoying

Lennart - May 26, 2012


Ian - November 3, 2017

I have about half of the GOM screen taken up by an ad. It’s not a pop up, but even when I uninstalled and reinstalled GOM it was back. How can I get rid of it.


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