Find and Remove leftover DLLs with DLL Archive

DLL Archive is an application that will allow us to scan our system for DLLs that have remained after removing the installed applications, taking up space and resulting to slower system.

There are several programs that help us to completely remove all the files that an application hosted on our system, but for some strange issue from time to time often fail and leave DLLs lost in our system folder.

What DLL Archive will do for us is to scan the Windows folder and identify all the DLLs and their applications to determine those that are “orphans“, which is like the garbage to those who have remained after uninstalling the application.

DLL Archive

DLL Archive

Those who do not fulfill any test and doesn’t have any relation to any program will be marked and have the option to remove temporary or permanently, if we are more conservative-safekeeping in case a problem arises, so we can restore them with one click.

DLL Archive is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP and earlier, is freeware and its download is only 345 KB

Download DLL Archive

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André - November 8, 2012

I used AnalogX DLL Archive on my Windows 7 PC.
If found hundreds of unused DLL files which I archived.
When I found several programms failed (a.o HP Deskjet, .NET, printing from Office applications Excel, Word etc., Samsung Allshare and others I tried to restore the DLL’s.
This did not work, nothing happened, the programm stucked and was not working.
To restore the DLL’s to various directories, from the logfile is a hell of a job and will take you several days.
I had to reinstall programms !!!


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