Rename multiple files simultaneously

Suppose you have downloaded images and Videos from your Digital Camera or Mobile and now you need to rename them as per requirement. This happens because the images freshly downloaded will either have filename as dates taken on or any custom you defined. It will take a long time to rename each and every file one by one after previewing them through Windows Explorer.

No more hassle from now because here is a small utility which can rename mass files and Folders simultaneously and that too previewing it there itself before making any changes.

Métamorphose is a free utility to mass rename files and folders which combines great flexibility with an intuitive interface. Well suited for those that need to rename many files and/or folders on a regular basis. In addition to general usage operations, it is useful for photo and music collections, webmasters, programmers, legal and clerical, etc.

Métamorphose interference

Métamorphose interference

Some Interesting features :

  • It allows to preview the name changes before making the change.
    Provides the ability to upload files from a directory and its subdirectories (recursive renaming).
  • Allows undoing a rename operation in case of faults detected.
  • Allows renaming files using regular expressions.
  • Offers the possibility to rename MP3 files based on their ID3 tags.
  • Supports the renaming of images from their Exif tags.
  • Provides full support for unicode, so we can use any language to rename files.

It is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X versions.

Download Metamorphos

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File Renamer - March 16, 2009

I use 123 File Renamer
It’s extremely powerful.


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