ReOpen Recently Closed Files, Folders and Programs quickly

If you are working on Windows for hours, you know how impractical difficult it becomes to juggle between various programs and Folders. We navigate through directories and this includes frequent closing and opening of windows which are repeated sometimes.We at Blogsolute always cover productivity tools so, ReOpen is another time saver open recently closed folders

Yesterday, while replacing shell style Files, I was constantly switching over Windows System Folder and the Custom Theme. And accidentally closed group of windows along with the ZIP archive. So, ReOpen is useful in such situation to get back or restore recently closed Windows and Programs in one click.

ReOpen is a small freeware utility which when executed sits in tray icon set and from there, you can operate through available options. What else! it offers a feature of customizing Hot Keys for Fast Folder access else you can always use Middle Click of Mouse to open the program Window.

My Verdict: Very Productive Tool to restore recently closed Windows one click. Download ReOpen

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Narendran.M - June 7, 2010

Nice apps dude, I will try it soon

Thanks for the share!!


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