Readers often question me what all things I use for Blogging. So, I decided to create this page which lists all the equipments, hardware, software and services I use personally.


I have two Desktops and a Laptop out of which I am providing details of the machine which I use primarily:

Processor : Intel Core i5, CPU 3.00 GHz
OS: Windows 8 Pro with Media Center 64 Bit
Samsung LED TV as Monitor: 21 inches

Laptop is often used for testing purposes of Software and Services which are published here.

Smartphone: I own Sony Xperia Z1 and Samsung Galaxy S i9000 powered by Android OS. Also, I have Apple iPod 4G Touch which is pretty outdated now.


Mozilla Firefox is the primary and preferred web browser and also the most used program on my Computer.

For screenshots, I use SnagIt which is again a good image editor but along with I sometime use Adobe Photoshop too.

Screencasts are captured and produced using Camtasia.

Dropbox for file backup and sharing.

Other Services:

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