How to Restore Original Default Security Settings of Windows 7 in one click

Windows often have errors, such as restricting access to the Windows registry, or denied access permissions, failed installations, etc. Most of these errors are due to virus attacks and attempt to repair these errors manually can take a lot time and sometimes might not achieve.

Restore Security is a simple free tool that simply restores the computer to the default security settings.

Rizone Security Restore

This tool also will try to repair the dreaded error message 0 × 80070005 that appears when trying to register dll files when you are about to install some Windows components or programs.

Sometimes you do not get that specific error number, only an error message in the installation. This tool will help in most of these cases and also in the repair of these errors, like errors in the installation of Internet Explorer 7 or permissions during installation of BitDefender Antivirus.

Security Restore works in Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 2008 and Windows 7.

Note: You should only use it when something really goes wrong on your computer which is generally after a virus attack or updating Windows installation.

Download Rizone Security Restore 400KB

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