Ritzy Start Menu for Windows 7 with Additional Features

Start menu in windows 7 is better than the start menu of previous versions of windows. It provides many additional features and ease of use to perform our work faster. But still if you are not satisfied and want to customize it more for style and ease of use Start Menu7 will be of great help.

customize windows 7 start menu

Start Menu7 is a freeware application that helps in changing the looks of windows 7 start menu completely. Installing this software you will get every thing on start menu. Most importantly it keeps all applications sorted in alphabetical order so that they can be found easily when needed. You can access My Computer contents from start menu, there is a Run that can be used to get rarely used locations this will be done without adding the location to the start menu.

schedule shutdown

There is also an advance power button that will help you to select your options like lock, hibernate, sleep etc with additional feature of a timer. You can set the timer to activate it automatically when the time is over.

Options provided are very simple to configure. You can use the wizard to set options for using search engines if installed on your system. For more customization you can use four different skins and set shortcuts for various options .

My verdict

This is a small and easy to use application. If you really need to customize your desktop, this is a good software to change the start menu to eye candy with lots of useful features.

Download: Start Menu7

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