How to Root and install ClockWorkMod Recovery on Galaxy Note

The success of a device is not only the result of excellent features, price and quality of the device itself, but much of it is about the community that revolves around the product. Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 just surfaced the market and here we have procedure to gain Root Permission and Install ClockWorkMod recovery.

How to Root Galaxy Note N7000

I have already posted on How to Root Most Android phones using zerjRush exploit which is tested on Galaxy Note. So, follow the same procedure to gain Root / Superuser Permissions.

How to Install ClockWorkMod Recovery on Galaxy Note N7000

Method 1:

  • Get permission of Root as above
  • Install the Android Rom Marker Manager – Download
  • Open the program and select “Install Recovery”
  • Select the recovery N7000 Notes
  • Accepting the Root Permission Request
  • Reboot into ClockWorkMod Recovery mode
Note: This method may not be supported at this time. If the recovery does not appear N7000 is only a matter of time.
Method 2: Root + CWM Recovery or only Recovery
  • Download this file package – Download

The package contains three folders: cfroot and other two with zImage

  • To find out which of the duel zImage to use:
  • Go into Settings -> About phone -> Kernel version.
  • If this is the string: KJ4 CL641703 use file- CF-Root-v5.0-SGN_XX_XEN_KJ4
  • If this is the string: KJ1-CL641703 use the CF-Root-Files-v5.0-SGN_XX_OXA_KJ1
  • Take the right zImage file and insert into the folder: InitialCFRootFlasher/zImage
  • Connect the Phone in USB debugging Mode
  • Click on the file-rooted.bat Already if you have already done the Root
  • Click on the file-not-rooted yet.bat if you have not already done the Root
  • Follow the onscreen instructions
ClockWorkMod Recovery can be used to install most Custom ROM for Galaxy Note N7000 and offer advanced system operations like clearing cache, factory Reset and more.
Instructions mentioned above should be followed on your own risk and Droidsolute is in no way responsible for any damage.
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