Run Desktop Applications On The Clouds With Spoon like Web Apps

There may be times when you need to test an application or you are in an urgent need to extract a 7zip archive but you don’t have necessary program installed on your system. Normally one would have downloaded the application from web for one time use, installed it and complete his work but it would have cost both time and resources.

Now with Spoon you can run most of the regular used desktop application on the cloud thus saving both space and time.

What is Spoon

Spoon is a free online service that enables users to launch desktop applications from the web with no install, so you can test and use applications instantly, wherever you are. Spoon has over a thousand of desktop application available and to to run them on cloud all  you just need is a simple one time install plugin.

How to use Spoon

  1. When you visit the Spoon Homepage you will be asked to install a plugin on you local computer. The program will work as a sandbox application for all the other applications.
    spoon plugin
  2. Once you have installed the plugin you will be asked to make an account on Spoon.
    spoon create account
  3. After you have successfully made an account the jobs is done.
  4. Now select any application from Spoon App Library and launch the app
    spoon notepad++ app
  5. It will take few seconds to buffer depending on your connectivity speed.
  6. Once the buffer is complete you will be able work on the application as it was installed on your local computer.

Please make sure you have a decent internet speed or it will spoil the party.

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