How to Run a Task, Execute File or Play Audio at Certain Specified Time

Automating a task doesn’t only mean Shutting down or Restarting PC at certain Time but here’s something which can do beyond that. Like Playing certain MP3 or OGG file on specified time, Setting up a Wake up alarm or execute some Program Batch File. TimeComX is a program to schedule any Task at certain specified time or after some time.

TimeComX is a low on resource and easy to use application which can be used to schedule a certain task in future at any specific point of time. You can use it to shut down, restart, lock computer. It has now even included an option to play an audio file or run a certain file. Moreover, it is possible to Create Screenshots before an action of your Running Programs or Desktop.

How to Run Task at specified time?

  1. Download and install TimeComX (link at the last)
  2. It has two main tabs (Event, Tasks), three buttons above the tabs and three buttons below the tab.
  3. Select Event Tab and select the mode in which you want to run the software.
    * It has four modes:- Simple Counter, Advanced Timer, Time of Delay, Usage. Activity*
  4. Select simple counter if you want to schedule the time in standard format i.e. (Hour, Min, Sec, Days)
    Select advanced timer to use all four standard timer function together to form a joint time.
    Select Usage/Activity if you want to schedule the task based on the usage of CPU (processor, network)
  5. Now Switch Over to Task Tab
  6. Here from the drop-down menu against menu, select the task that you want to schedule
  7. Select (Restart, Shutdown, Sleep, Hibernate, Lock Computer, Log off) to do the mentioned action.
    Select “Run File” option if you want to schedule an opening of certain file after the given time
    Select Play Audio if you want to play certain audio start after a given time
  8. Now click on the “Start Button” given below the tabs to start the timer.
  9. The timer will now start running, you can minimize the timer window by clicking the right symbol from the title bar.

Other Impressive Features:

  • Click on the Options button above the tabs to open settings box to change settings like Notification of count-down, etc. [A]
  • Select Lock option to set a password and prevent anonymous users from killing the task. [B]
  • You can even pause timer in between by clicking on the Pause sign below the tabs [C]

Do try this software and post your comments and queries about the software in the section given below

Happy Scheduling.

Download TimeComX

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